Bad News…Screwed again!

Bad News...Screwed again!

Jawad gave me the bad news that our FTP was jacked up by the company servers. Even the backup was jacked up because they found out it was the HDD that was the problem. It’s a rarity cause he’s been with them for some years now and when we come, this happens. He lost all of his files as well as did some other people. Long story short, we basically lost all our files….AGAIN! The ones we have that are on there are all corrupted. So yeah, we lost everything again. Everything is stalled indefinitely again. Great, the last Yume episodes were about ready to go too. Now we gotta find all this stuff again. Going to sleep, then wake up and go looking for this stuff again. This slows KiteSeekers down as well. Gonna go try to calm my kill lust….

You wanna help us? For one if anyone has the Yumeiro Pro ts raws, please post them here. Mach Girl Raws for KiteSeekers is needed again. Anything else, we’ll list it here.

Ekke edit: The normal Yumeiro season 1  is ~not~ damaged, only Yumeiro Pro. Huzzah!

Update 2 Webb: We have almost everything back again. Just a few more things to go.

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21 Responses

  1. D.J. says:

    Son of a bizitch, that’s a REALLY BIG setback. X(
    I really wish I knew what to do in order to help with this. *sigh*

    Looks like I’ll have to scrape by on what I’m doing with subs from others around Youtube and elsewhere until you guys can pick up the pieces and rebuild. You have my best wishes.
    ~Daniel J.

  2. Pentium100 says:

    ” Even the backup was jacked up because they found out it was the HDD that was the problem.”

    When are people going to learn that a copy on the same hard drive is not a backup. Hard drive failures are quite common, that’s why a lot of servers use RAID (which is also not backup) to get better reliability.

    Oh well, good luck in restoring the lost/corrupted files.

  3. Pudding-kun says:

    Wow! How bad! 🙁
    I’m sorry about that. But check this page:

    It has the Yumeiro Pro RAWs
    Please, don’t Give up (:

  4. Astrumerus says:

    Hey webbe, I found some raws for yumeiro pro but their mp4… they are japanese those and the quality is great.

  5. Did this only affect stuff on the xdcc bots?

  6. anon says:

    Is it just me or did the server cost used to be 90 before it was 40?

  7. Gar says:

    *commits suicide*

  8. kagami says:

    what does this mean for kiruminzoo? im in the middle of watching it.

  9. BloomingDesire87 says:

    Oh No!!! That is a real bummer. Sorry to say my only Yume Pro raws are from Zero-Raws =( I hope that things will go smoothly after this. Wasurenai Fighting!!

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