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Yumeiro Pâtissiére SP Professional Batch!!!

 Because Ojou’s laugh is epic.  Epic finish. Slow and unsteady but it’s done! First Yumeiro episode started the 23rd october 2009 and now 6 years and 2 days later it’s over. Woohoo~. Enjoy. I want to thank all the loyal and dedicated fans that supported and stuck with us through...


Marie & Gali Batch + Special Released!

We have done it! Marie & Gali batch is finally out with special in it! Thanks to everyone that has had the patience to wait for us to finish it. Credits goes to: TL/Timer: Teme TLC: Jink, Moshiburner, doll-licca, Horus Karaoke: C0balt Edit: MMC, Levi, WM62 Encode: BF3000 Typesetter: Itkatsu,...


Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative OVA batch released!

Okay, here’s the batch for Alternative. We did a v2 for one for one line XD. Anyways, patch will be added below. Credits as followed: Moho Kareshi TL Asairo TLC Teme Timer Leviathan/Pokey Editing Teme K-timer Fuko_Ibuki/WM62 Qcer Zdm321/WM62 Distro Brought to you by ourselves and our good friends at...


Yumeiro Patissiere 01-50 & OVA Batch out!!!

It’s finally here! Only 1 year, 6 months, 6 days after the final release. 12/12/12: Asairo, our boss and founder, gave me a very generous time limit to finish up fixing Yumeiro before 1/1/2013. With only 12 episodes done earlier, I only had to do around 38 more in less...


Perrine Monogatari batches! Suck on that son!

Alright peeps, enjoy Perrine as we are done with it for good. V2s and batch links are below. Perrine Monogatari is brought to you by us, Licca-Fansubs and KiteSeekers! Perrine DVD 35-53 480p H264 Perrine DVD 35-53 480p Hi10p H264 Perrine DVD 35-53 480p XviD Perrine DVD 1-34 XviD


Marin no Kore Naani 1-4 specials Released!

The maid-apron-swimsuit combo that you all have been waiting for, has arrived! And sorry for the great delay as everyone is really very busy doing something. Credits: Asairo – Translator, Typesetter Saigen – Translation Checker Ekke – Editor, Quality Checker Teme – Timer, Santa Claus Webbmaster62 – Sleeping Raws are...


Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 1-13 Batch!

It’s official. The show Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is finally finished after only 2.75 years. Woohoo! We started first release 9th December 2009 with episode 7. After that we’ve made a bunch of releases and re-releases, and there will be just one more re-release to fix everything that’s been reported...