Update time yet again! Also, Webb’s going to A-Kon next week!

Update time yet again! Also, Webb's going to A-Kon next week!

Well, while I try to get rid of this crazy face I’ve seen to stumble into myself, let’s give you all updates! Btw, the donation button is up on the site. Thanks for all the people that helped us for May. Now we’re working on it for June and onwards. So if anyone can help towards it, we appericate it.

Yume hehehehehe…….

Yume Pro It’s coming!

11eyes BDs Yes! They are getting done! Just 8-10 are at edit. 11-13 are at tl still. Jink has come back though and will seem to finally have time to complete them. Then he can go back into hiding lol.

Anyamal 37-38 at qc, 39 at edit, 40-46 at time. 41 is skipped until we get to it since it’s a flashback so we’ll work on it together me and MMC. Series is moving along though. Just bug SD to qc more. I’ve given up on namaiki. I get him whenever I can otherwise, I’ll edit it myself. 😛

Isekai 11 at qc, 12-13 at tl. We got a Tler working on 12-13. I e-mailed him like a week ago and he said he’s about done with 12 and is looking over some stuff. A script is coming.

Marie & Gali 26-29 at edit, 30-34 at tlc, 35-40 at tl. We still are doing 1-9 and ep. 0 of the beginning of the series as well. 1 and 5 are done already. We’ll get the special done as well. Teme just had been busy lately. He’s semi-back though and is already asking why isn’t more mari out lol
[15.33] <@Teme> HEY
[15.33] <@Teme> WHAT THE HELL
[15.33] <@Teme> mari & gali was last time released last year!
[15.33] <@Teme> we gotta get few episodes out now.

So yeah, we’ll get on that XD. *everyone jump MMC with cookies and marshmallows*

Mermaid Melody Pure Going along fine. Episodes tled all the way to 15 so far. I got really nothing to say on this one except keep it up everyone. ^^ Nice job there doll!

Milky Holmes BDs Working on them. 3 and 4 are ready but need MMC’s final approval. We got the BDs for all the others that are out so far.

Onii-chan no Koto 5-12 still at tl. Me and MMC decided to just go ahead with the BDs. We’ll just be late to the party. 1 is ready to go though. Just needs MMC’s approval lol (He’s like on a shit load of crap isn’t he?)

Umi Monogatari DVDs Retime at 4-12. 13 is at re-tl/fixing I believe.

Hen Zemi OVA 2 at edit/ts/qc. I’ll get to work on this one when I have time.

Hen Zemi TV HORUS is back now, so we’ll get started on catching up when he stops playing LoL XD.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 2-3 at qc, 4-5 at time, 6-8 at tl.

As of now, that’s where we’re at. I’m also going to A-Kon 22 next week. If anyone is gonna be in the Dallas area next week, you can catch me there as “Webbmaster62” on my badge name. I’ll be there all weekend. Also, I’ll have a breakfast ticket for the sunday brunch. I get it every year. So hit me up! If any more news comes up, we’ll let you know.

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  1. Thanks alot for the update on Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo :), I guess I gave namaiki those 10 big bags of cookies & candy for nothing then, heh :P.

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