Thanks to a certain someone and a topic, we have lost ElitistFags for ts raws. This will pretty much affect a lot of groups as well as ours. We were getting tantei and yume pro (that we had requested from them) for our raws. Really appreciate all there work in helping and providing ts raws for us, but yeah this sucks. So, right now, we need a capper! Know it’s a long shot, but if there are any out there that can help us for milky and yume pro, please contact us on IRC or e-mail. Otherwise, our releases are gonna be delayed. (atleast on tantei.) We’ll continue with Anyamal and other shows since we’re set on thoses but, yeah we need a capper.

Update: We might be able to get our ts raws still. More info when we get it. Taken care of.

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14 Responses

  1. Shina says:

    Looks like someone pissed of Miya Miya.=(
    Well, that sucks for you guys, hope you can find someone.

  2. derf says:

    Will you resort to share raws or PD TS if you can’t find a capper?
    Losing you guys for milky holmes would be a pretty big blow.

    • Z says:

      We will revert to whatever raws we can get our hands on first (as long as they are 720p and not eye-cancerous).
      PD TS wise, there are only ts files for 1-4 on PD, and just share raws for 5-7 (although I don’t know if these share raws were just encoded from EF’s .ts or not)
      Milky Holmes 07 should be unaffected, since it got released only a few hours before ElitistFags shut down.
      We’ll see how 08 turns out.

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      If we have to. We won’t drop show but we have to pray that not all raws were encoded for EF.

      • derf says:

        Okay. I am not concerned too much about speed personally, seeing as how much better than the alternatives you guys are, so thank you for a breath of relief that you won’t be dropping it.

        Keep up the good work!

  3. FlameHaze says:

    Thank god yall aren’t dropping tantei.^^ I was also wondering if yall will do the blurays for it as well??

  4. Baby Naruto says:

    Thank god Anyamal is safe, it’s the only show I watch fansubbed by you guyz.

    Looking forward to Episodes 27-50 in XviD AVI :).

  5. The Pope says:

    >Taken care of.
    Fuck yeah. So what did you do? Got a capper, or more faggotry with EF?

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