Okay guys…for the last time…and happy halloween!

Okay guys...for the last time...and happy halloween!

I usually wouldn’t do this but I keep getting e-mails and asking of stuff in the shoutbox but for the last time…. ALL PROGRESS ON PROJECTS ON ALL SERIES OR ON THE “PROJECTS” PAGE. Just click the name of the series you are wondering about. I update them practically everyday so whatever we find out, I update. I know you guys have been waiting on certain series for a while and believe me, we want to finish them. But for now, just continue to hold out. We will complete all our projects unless we have to dropped which is very VERY rare. I will continue to make status reports like I was doing whenever I feel the need to do them. So for now, go enjoy your candy and TP somebody’s house like I know some of you use to do lol. Have a good one tonight…

Edit: Yes I know it says Nov 1, but that’s the time on site. It’s Oct 31 here still XD.

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