Just a Quick Reminder…

Just a Quick Reminder...

Since I keep getting asked…

Marie is NOT DEAD(Amazed I was asked about this one XD)
Isekai is NOT DEAD
11eyes is NOT DEAD
Yumeiro and Yumeiro Pro is NOT DEAD

It is just that time of the year people. Alot of our staff are getting busy around the holidays and for other stuff. (exams, jobs, family, etc…)

But we are still here and we are releasing as always. So just hold out until then. We’re even working on some new stuff. (Well, in our other adult sub-division and my group as well.) So yes, everything is still alive and therefore, not dead.

Asairo edit: hakoukki is dead.

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7 Responses

  1. Z says:

    No mention of Milky Holmes and Anyamal D:
    I guess they must be dead too D: D:

  2. Kawaiimo says:

    Jesus LIVES! xD okay… you guys rule. 😉

  3. Marina says:

    No biggie on the wait 🙂 Will check on your periodically now and then. Thanks for the time regardless of the holidays!

  4. SomeLazyDude says:

    Adult subdivision? This is news.

  5. FON says:

    Why, how *dare* you have a life outside of providing services to us? Don’t you see how impertinent and selfish that is? Get back to work, this instant, or I shall have hard words for you!

    All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to the next Yumeiro, in your own good time. I hope you’ve all had a good holiday season, so far.



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