Futari wa Milky Holmes S3 is coming soon….so update.

Futari wa Milky Holmes S3 is coming soon....so update.

From Kiteseekers’s site:

So we are gearing up for season 3 which looks like it will be out around the 13th if this preview on the 6th is what we think it is….(Just a live action round a bout discussion with the VA’s from how it’s looking.) We got our tler, we got our tlcer and everything else. From the looks of things, this series is gonna focus on the girls more serious mature sides like the Alternative OVAs from the game series. So we won’t get dawgg to bad with crazy tsing and big puns most likely, but lots of history will be looked up depending on whatever they’re focusing on in their cases. The 2 new girls look cute and yes the episodes will only be 12 mins long, but it is showing in a 30 min block. We will decide if we do the LA portion if it’s worth doing like with PRAD etc… We’ll get the first tl started most likely after it airs in like 8 mins is our guess from what zdm321 has told me. We’ll probably do a v1 for first episode and then add if karaoke, logo, etc..in v2 if we don’t get everything down in a timely manner. Look for each episode to be out from us in a few hours in the early wee morning or next day is my guess. I’ll keep you guys informed…

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  1. Tim says:

    And the promise of Blu-rays is thrown out the window…

  2. Hmmm… I’m not too keen with the LA part of the show =( I was disappointed with the LA part of the Shugo Chara Party Season… but… I guess we’ll see! I’m in the middle of watching the 2nd season right now! =)

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