About Us

We are Wasurenai-subs, or our altered name “subs that will not be forgotten.”
We just sub what we like. Real life hits hard, though

Current IRC channel: #Wasurenai@irc.rizon.net (Join and chat with the staff ^_^)

We have four file bots in the channel – Ichiko, Wanyudo, efaa, Wasu|Kite



Asairo Everything
Webbmaster62 Everything except translation
doll_licca Everything
BF3000 Encoding
Ekke Everything
Langes01x Typesetting, Styling
Fuko_Ibuki Quality Checker
Volvagia356 Web Host
Lexica-chan Mermaid Melody Staff – Quality Checker
Chocolat927 Mermaid Melody Staff – Editor
Astrumerus / Photosafe56 Mermaid Melody Staff – Editor, Timer