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Yumeiro Patissiere 11 released!

Okay, here more of your sweets and goodies. ^^ Funny how we learn about the group’s past of how they came to be friends this time. Seeing where we are in the series, it’s not gonna end at 13 episodes. We already know that considering what she has to do...


Short Downtime

This is Volvagia356, the web host of this site. I would like to mentioned that the downtime in the past few days was caused by damage to the telephone system due to bad weather. The telephone line was damaged to the point where incoming and outgoing calls are impossible and...


Seitokai is Dropped.

As I said before, it’s very rare that we drop anything but since our TL got into an accident and died from TL overdose, we’re outta luck. There are a ton of other groups doing the show so it’ll be finished. For the people that were waiting on our releases,...