And the Secret Project is…

And the Secret Project is...

Nyu! *^_^* <Bows to everyone> I’m Lexica-chan, your friendly neighborhood mermaid. I’ve already had a few introductions in other posts <cough>Seitokai</cough>. But for this special occasion of introducing our Secret Project, I’ll come out from the shadows. 🙂

For anyone actually keeping score, we’ve had this Secret Project for a while now. Better late than never. 😉

Anyways. Without further ado, the Secret Project. 🙂 Presenting…….

OH CRAP, IT’S THE COPS! Oh, wait… it’s the project. 😉 Allow me to introduce Sister Mimi and Sister Sheshe. Two of the lovable characters from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. We’re starting at episode 40, picking up where other groups had since left off.

From all of us at Wasurenai Fansubs, have a Merry Kissmas. *^_^*

Awww, ain't that cute.

MMPPP 40 h.264


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19 Responses

  1. Dickson says:

    so, do you guys plan to finish the whole series (including season 2), or will you drop it after a certain number episodes?

    and can you give a prediction on how often the episodes will be released?

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      Were doing it all. It only took awhile because we were trying to get the stylings right. But it’s gonna be consistent. If we drop it, we’ll let you know..but we doubt it big time considering how much work we put into it already. Plus, Lexica would kill us. LOL

    • Ekke says:

      We have a primary release schedule (lol) but it will be sped up by a lot if we get another person to edit it. Currently that is now where the biggest slowdown will be…
      If anyone’s interested, talk to me or Asairo or Webbmaster62 on irc channel or drop a mail to our staff email or comment here or on recruit page or go to

  2. Yukiko says:

    thank you so much you guys for picking up mermaid melody!!!
    i love the series and i can’t wait to see more! >.<

  3. Fronzel says:


    I’ve watched every subbed episode of this thing, and it’s so bad…I think the only reason I pushed myself through it is the characters have bigger tits that you usually see in shoujo anime.

    Downloading ep40, btw.

  4. Fronzel says:

    Ok, I actually watched it, and that was the best episode this series has ever turned in. How nice it could drop the formula for an episode and just go crazy. It was actually quite funny.

  5. Eab1990 says:

    Oh, wow, it’s finally getting finished after over a two-year hiatus. I practically gave up hope as I started watched raws and YouTube subs of Pure… Good to see it’s finally getting done. Best Christmas evar.

    This episode was pretty hilarious, even though plot went out the window for a second there. Good job keeping it in the style of everyone else’s subs too, it looks really natural.

    Looking forward to the conclusion of the anime, finally.

  6. neo9000 says:

    Where is Ruffian?

  7. SakuraMikage says:

    ;o; I just found this today on Christmas. This is seriously the best news I could ever hope for. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PICKING THIS UP. I’ve been wanting someone to finish it for years. *lame tears of joy*

  8. Aretkira91 says:

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!! Finally someone who continues to sub this series!!! Since I am italian, I watched dubbed episodes but they are all ruined/changed and censored, finally I will see the other episodes in original with subs made from people who can do them well… This is one of the best gift for Xmas, thank you guys!!!! ^_^

  9. Sayuri says:

    Someone’s going to pick this up??? REALLY??? yes! Finally! I was already watching the raws, but i might wait for you guys and get them subbed when pure comes out. I already saw episodes by heartarrowsubs. And sadly, they are slow.

  10. Ekke says:

    Lol, what is there to censor in MMPPP? There isn’t even any ecchi…

    • Aretkira91 says:

      I know it’s strange but on Italian television (above all Mediaset) they do this to quite every anime. I hate them! I’ll tell you some of the scenes that I remember were cut: a part of Luchia’s and Kaito’s kiss in episode 17; the part when Kaito put Luchia’s finger in his mouth; Mimi’s and Sheshe’s lesbian attitudes; also, in episode 40 (I think it’s 40…), were cut the short-Koi wa nan darou and the short “star jewel”. In the episode of the green sphere (maybe it was the 23?) was cut a little part when Luchia was over Kaito.
      Aqua Regina became the Queen of the seas instead of Goddess.
      Songs were all changed (even the music), and all songs of Pure and also some in the first season (like Karen’s Aurora no kaze ni notte and “Koi wa nan darou”) never had an Italian version. The Italian opening song is really stupid (like always).
      And the dialogues changed too much is other thing that I hate.

  11. Asairo says:

    you meant dubbed…. i think i know what Aretkira91 is talking about. There is a Chinese official dub of this show and they added a lot of new stuff into the dub.

    • Aretkira91 says:

      I saw Italian dubbed version, I answered up to Ekke about some censores that were done… only some I remembered

  12. linzizsu says:

    Thank You, guys, that you translate it!!! Thank to you, I can go forward with my hungarian subs!!! I translate it to hungarian… 🙂

  13. Lucia Nanami says:

    Princeze sirene su super a meni je najlepsa Lucia.

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