Yumeiro Patissiere 11 released!

Yumeiro Patissiere 11 released!

Okay, here more of your sweets and goodies. ^^ Funny how we learn about the group’s past of how they came to be friends this time. Seeing where we are in the series, it’s not gonna end at 13 episodes. We already know that considering what she has to do next. So let’s bring it all until the next second half of the season starts. I always gets hungry when I watch this show though. lol

Yumeiro h264

Yumeiro xvid

Alright updates….Umi batch: It’s finally getting done now since were all back and working again. lol Look for it soon.

Isekai: We have a bunch of them ready to go so look for 2 and 3 sometimes next week is my guess. More will follow right after.

11eyes: I’ve been getting asked about this series and no we haven’t dropped it. I was just outta town and it got slowed down. But now, we have some more help so when we get caught up on the others, were gonna do a massive catch up release on the series. But no, I love the show so it’s not going anywhere. Also, for the people waiting on our releases of it, we appreciate it and thank you. I’m still shocked myself at how many people like our releases of it.

We also have more joint releases coming out and look for more releases on our sub-division site as well. XD If your also wondering on the secret project, Go jump on Lexica-chan about in IRC. lol

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  1. T1 says:

    Oh instead of 2-3times pr week for isekai make it….a xmas release <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    btw still not starting on this anime…it looks gay. Now more with a guy reading with an male fairy….

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