Update time! Also, why Milky has been delayed so long….XD

Update time! Also, why Milky has been delayed so long....XD

Yo folks! Before I do the other updates, here’s what I posted about Milky on Kiteseekers:

Alright, the reasons why Milky has been so delayed is because of this. Typesetting and QCing. Here’s the status as on the projects page.

8 at qc. I’ll give the reason why it’s been stuck there for so long in a bit.
9-11 main script is at qc/ts script is at 10% ts
12 is at tlc (This can be taken care of too as SD can get to it when he can. Or when we ask him to lol)

The reason why ep 8 has been at qc for so long is because MMC has got a real life, enough said. No, it’s not his fault, he’s just being overwhelmed by homework from the university. He even mentioned this at the beginning of the year when the series started that it would most likely delay him on the show after he started uni. Basically, all the scripts have to go through him as he’s one of the tler/qcer and there’s certain references he wants to check over in the show that only he knows about most of the time. Me or Ekke or any other qcer in the staff can qc easily, but it’ll be up to him if he wants it released like that or not. Don’t get us wrong, we love the show. Especially MMC. He hates having it delayed for so long like this. The main thing is he’s been slammed to hell and back with homework, midterms etc. He should be getting a break soon if I remember correctly. Also, we need a typesetter to help finish typesetting these last few episodes. At the moment, I’m typesetting ep. 10 or at least trying to with my basic knowledge of TSing and I’ll go from there. We won’t have a problem getting all the rest of the episodes to qc, it’s getting them beyond that point. Even so, I’ll do my best to at least get an episode out for you guys so you don’t go batshit insane moreso than you already have lol.

Okay, update on everything else…

Mari and Gali batch Mari 1-2 at enc, 3-4 at QC2/ENCODE, 6-9 at tlc, 0 and special at tl-Teme. We’re almost done with the batch. Asairo and the others have been working on it while I work on other things and are just about done. Ep. 0 is tled a little bit while we got to get the 30min special done. Just a little more and they’ll be out. ^^ Good news is Teme has already started tling Mari and Gali 2.0 a little bit.

Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional 1 at qc2, 2 at qc, 3-5 at tlc. Going pretty slow with this, but my plan is to atleast start it this year. We haven’t forgotten. ^^

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure M2P4 15 at QC2, 16-17 at Choco edit, 18-29 at Edit-Choco/Levi, 30-31,33-37 at TLC-Asa, 32,38-39 at Time-Kansa. Yes, the show has been completely tled for a while now. it’s almost all timed as well. I know you guys are waiting on us for it and thanks for your patience. Lexica-chan has just finished ep. 15 I believe and is just waiting on a title fix and it’ll be out. I told her if be nice to surprised you guys with a 3 episode bash or something like that one day. Who knows…it might happen. ^^

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 36 at qc2, 37-40 at edit, 41-51 at wr, SP 7-34, 43-48 at wr, ed4 at time. We’re getting these out pretty nicely so yeah nothing really to say here. *jump coax* lol

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future 1-27 at wr, 1-3 OP/ED at wr. We’re tling the show as it airs every week. the show is on it’s 3 OP/ED so far so yeah we got work to do when we finish PRAD.

Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo batch 1-16 are ready for v2s so far. MMC has to look through a couple more episodes then we can release the batch. Idk if we’ll do xvids again for the new ones..we’ll see I guess.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Bds 6-8 at MMC, 9-12 at retime. Okay, I’m gonna have to go through 6-8 again as I think the typesets need to be retimed still. We also got the Bds for season 2 which we will do after we finish it.

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ DVDs and specials 7-8 are at finetiming and release. Specials 1-6 at edit, 7-12 at tlc. The thing is, 7 and 8 have been on my comp for awhile. I just haven’t worked on them yet. Been lazy I guess lol. I’ll get them out though and continue with the series.

Yumeiro Pâtissière batch Asairo jumped Ekke’s ass the other day about this one since we finished Isekai lol. This is our next big focus. Idk about the xvids on this one either. We’ll see if I remake them for the final batches. Still, we’ll get this finished.
^Ekke edit:
Umi Monogatari specials,  Tantei BD retime, Tantei 12 Edit comes first.

So that’s it. Anymore info that comes up, you’ll know about it. Also for the answer on Aikatsu!….

YES we know about the show, YES I’ve seen the first episode, YES it’s just like Yumeiro and PRAD, YES it’s interesting, YES it’s just like the shows we help out on and do. I also heard it’s only 13 episodes but that might be me dreaming considering our record. So…here’s the deal….we can’t do it…atleast not now. Moho my tler from Kiteseekers did hear about you guys messages in the chatbox and the e-mail I got about it so he’s decided to go ahead and tl the series after he finishes another certain one we’re doing. So good thing, it will be tled like with PRDMF but getting to it is impossible as I have to much back log to work on. Unless we get like a bunch of new staff. I mean ALOT of new staff including typesetters. But I mean we have to get staff just to work on that series alone too. Timers, editors, qcers, etc…even more encoders would be nice. So that’s where we are on that.

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  1. williukea says:

    yaaay mermaid melody is on the way!!! i cant wait to see all episodes subbed!!! thanks a lot for doing them

  2. Hannah says:

    Thanks for the update! Very excited for more MMPPPP. Keep on being awesome /o/

  3. AK91 says:

    Now I am following Mermaid Melody, Umi Monogatari and now I am starting Pretty Rhythm to try it. Maybe I’ll try also Yumeiro.
    Thank you very much for working on those!!

    A note: there is already a group which is doing the Aikatsu anime, the darklegends60mb .

  4. Lunkshve says:

    Gambatte. we’ll find strength to wait in our love for our over9000-IQ tensai bishoujou kokoro-chan. *gets agamemnon-ed*

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