Marie and Gali 13 released!

Marie and Gali 13 released!

Here’s your Marie dosage! This time it’s about BBQing. Having fun with this show. Great way to learn things and have fun at the same time. Even though the producers screw up sometimes we noticed. XD Some sad news though people, one of our members is retiring for awhile. Even though he was here for only a little bit, life calls. C0balt one of our KFxers, has things to do. He’ll still be around though, just not really active much until he’s able to help again. So, if your a KFXer, let us know. ^_^ In the meantime, welcome 2 new timers, Daichan and QualityVan. They’ll be helping us out. I really have no idea what’s next to come out..but I’ll see eventually. Just stay tuned…

Marie 13 h264

Marie 13 xvid I’mma Warrior!
Recruiting Translators!

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10 Responses

  1. Azures says:

    I’m stilling wearing my pessimist attitude and think you will finish this anyone, but thanks anyway bros.

  2. zalkor says:

    Thanks as always for bringing us quality subs !

    What is a KFXer ? is it something to do with Karaoke and special effects ?
    Because I never really cared about those in my subs.

  3. clout says:

    Is Flemmming supposed to be spelled with triple-m in the very first line of the OP?

    Otherwise it’s great to see someone’s picked this show again, keep it up 😀

  4. belgabor says:

    Bit late, but thanks a lot for taking this show up! I’d almost given up hope =)

  5. Miss_Hatter says:

    i love to watch this.

  6. Mediaman says:


    Your guys are awesome. I hope you finish them all.

    Thanx for 10v2 ,11,12,13.

    suggestion on the Op song.

    Flemmming should be Fleming. (John Ambrose Fleming)

    that’s what they talking about in the opening song.

    I hope you guys change it.


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