Bihada Ichizoku 1-4 Released!

Bihada Ichizoku 1-4 Released!

Umm…yeah were doing it. XD The first of our 2 new projects is Bihada Ichizoku. Basically, I got all in Fireboy88’s face and made him do it. LOL I couldn’t help but want to see it subbed since it was a such a wacky series. It’ short too so it wasn’t a big deal. We teamed up of course with Imur88-Subs on this one so that’s that. This series is gonna be done fast so look for quick releases from us. Yume 26 should be next. Trying to catch up yet again. Also hopefully, Anyamal and Hakuouki as well. When our second new project is ready to go, we’ll let you know. For now, enjoy the beauty of skin. XD

h264 Bihada 1
h264 Bihada 2
h264 Bihada 3
h264 Bihada 4

XviD Bihada 1
XviD Bihada 2
XviD Bihada 3
XviD Bihada 4

TL: Fireboy88
TLC: Asairo
Edit: MMC
Encode: BF3000
Typesetter: Itaktsu
QC: Webbmaster62, Anonymous
Distro: Ekke

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14 Responses

  1. ArabianSwan says:

    Thanks for this, have been waiting for someone to sub it 🙂 Before I download, which raw has been used for this release?

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      We used the Raws-4U HD ones.. But we re-encoded them of course…

      • ArabianSwan says:

        I have few of the original .ts files if you want them contact me on irc same nick… those are pretttttttttttty. Also if you are using the mp4 files… those are really really bad, the divx ones are better ^_^

        • Webbmaster62 says:

          Maybe he can use them for the batch but it’s not that big of a deal to us. lol Well, it’s really up to our encoder. So you have to ask him on Wasurenai.

          • B.F. says:

            That’s the only source we have.
            If you have better one, you can contact me on our irc channel.

  2. Sean says:

    AAAAAAAAAAH! Worst subtitle font ever! There’s a reason DVD producers don’t use really pretty, elegant fonts for subtitles, but rather boring, easy to read ones — they’re easy to frikkin’ read!

    The whole point of subtitles is to substitute for dialogue in your native language, right? Every instant reading a subtitle means time spent not enjoying the actual visuals the creators wanted you to see. So if the viewer can’t suck down the meaning in as short a time as possible, you, the subber, are screwing the viewer. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s true. I really hope you’ll think about revisiting this.

    (It goes without saying that this applies to all the stupid “special attack” graphics subbers apply to the likes of One Piece. But no one’s going to convince those nimrods of that. Luckily, with the pacing of shows like that, it doesn’t matter.)

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      Your the first to really complain about it. lol We decided to stick with the sub style that facepalm used when they released the first episode a long time ago. Yeah, it’s girly but that’s what I was going for in the style of the show. I don’t have a problem reading the subs and enjoying the show still though. I don’t know, maybe I’ll add a second font style to it when the batch comes…*shrugs*

  3. Asairo says:

    Sean, if you know, dvd doesn’t have fonts, it uses pictures instead for its subtitles. Well, I can’t really see the problem with the dialogue fonts. Moreover, if you have a strong sense of dislike for those fonts, you can always change them to your liking. Just go mpc>options>subtitles. This show is fully softsubbed, and so you can do anything with the fonts used by us.
    P.S. I don’t care about one piece.

    • Sean says:

      @Asairo, all text that isn’t hand-written uses a font. The images in DVD subtitles were generated with, wait for it, a font. … I didn’t really expect you to care about One Piece 😛

      @Webbmaster62, thanks. It’s not that I can’t read the subs, it’s just more time-consuming than I’d like — I’m used to sucking in subs in a split second. Girly fonts are nice, I love girly fonts, but they don’t publish newspapers in them, or safety signs, or any of a million other places where readability is important.

      Anyway, thanks to all of you for your hard work. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful.

  4. Asairo says:

    Hmm…. I’ll consider.

  5. aria says:

    No way, I never expected anyone this pick this up anymore. Thank you so much. Yes, the premise may look ridiculous, but it’s a perfect parody!
    Looking forward to any future releases!

  6. Hanzo says:

    Cool show cant wait for more eps whenever your able to sub em guys 🙂

  7. pauly says:

    ahh~ i’ve been waiting for this to be subbed. thank you so much ^-^

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