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Yumeiro Patissiere 10

More sweetie goodness coming your way once again. Enjoy another release of your favorite sweets brought to you by Wasurenai. h264 xvid


Yumeiro Patissiere 9 and Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 1

Now, it’s up with cakes and zoos. Mix them together and you will get a animal cake (was there such a cake?). This episode of yumeiro will pump you up with sugar until you get fat. White sugar changes into amber-coloured sugar. After which it will go black. (It will...


Yumeiro 8

I guess CR has released Yumeiro 8…. So let’s just eat Ichigo for today. She is a delicacy if you didn’t know it. Let’s cook nuts with strawberry… The sky is a strawberry…. H264 XviD


Yumeiro 7

Phew, it took much longer than it was supposed to. This should have been out in like 2days earlier. Anyway, there seems to be more and more food piling up the food table, ranging from cakes to Caramel???? Let’s eat Caramel with Marizpan. Yeah!! Yumeiro episode 7 h264 Yumeiro episode...


Yumeiro 6

Sorry about this late post. I was locked out of the internet for the whole day and just got it back. Okay, straight to the topic. Here’s episode 6. Episode 2v2 coming soon (due to fonts not muxed in) Episode 5 coming soon Episode 6