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Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 23 released!

Another new episode brought to you by aoi-anime and Wasurenai. Les Miserables episode 23 As of right now, anirena is still acting up on us so for now the episodes or only available viva IRC.Our bots as well as aoi has it. When anirena is working again, we’ll post the...


Yumeiro Pâtissière 12+17+18 released!

When you thought that you’ve had enough of Yumeiro releases from us, you were wrong. This marks the final bits on our catching up spree, now we’re almost up-to-date with Japan again. Just before christmas we had some staff issues (holidays, weekends etc) and that’s why it took so long...


Anyamal 07 + Yumeiro Pâtissière 15+16 released!

Moé plus cakes, what can be a better combination of sweet things in life than that? I know that you just can’t get enough of either Ichigo-chan nor Riko-chan, so that’s why they now come teamed up in 1 single post~ Without further ado, here’s the good stuff! Anyamal brought...


Yumeiro Pâtissière 13+14 released!

What you’ve long been waiting for, here’s Yumeiro Patissiere 13+14! The first two eps in our catch up spree. Yumeiro 13 h264 Yumeiro 13 xvid Yumeiro 14 h264 Yumeiro 14 xvid Where is ep 12?!??!?!????? Well, it’s being stuck in edit, whereupon 13+14 was finished, where I skipped ahead instead...


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 6 Released!

More moe in the form of loli cats coming your way, brought to you by LSS & WSRN. No fancy picture this time cause I’m busy with other projects. Edit2: oh look, I put a pic. XD (Webb) LemonSourSubs Anyamal 6 h264 (corrected!) Anyamal 6 xvid Ahem, someone changed the...


Les Miserables 22 released!

Here’s another new episode of Les for everyone! Hope you guys enjoy it. Brought to you once again by us and aoi. ^_^ Aoi-Anime Hit them up like always. Les 22


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 5 Released!

Sorry for that long delay there. We’re back on track and it seems were getting more help now. Like we said, the more help, the faster we knock’em out. ^_^ Once again more brought to you by WSRN and LSS. LemonSourSubs Anyamal 5 h264 Anyamal 5 xvid


Umi Monogatari Batch!

Well, it’s been a while since we posted anything on this show (I was looking around, and I was a bit surprised that there were no release pages for UmiMono), so here it is. The new site, bringing all you mermaid lovers (yes, they are mermaids…. yes, sans tail, but...


Les Miserables 8 HD or you can also say v2 released!

Well. we decided to do some QCing and fixing up on this episode. We made it mp4 x264 with some translation fixes as well. So you can say it’s our HD version. Les mis 8 HD As always, this is a joint with our friends at Aoi-Anime So hit them...