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Marie and Gali 19 released!

Banhammer is comin down son! Here’s more Mari goodness for you fans out there. ^_^ Let’s keep’em coming shall we? Hit it up! [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 19 [H264 1280×720] [29E8C36B].mkv DDL | Torrent [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 19 [XviD 704×400] [26FAEAFC].avi DDL | Torrent


Marie and Gali 18 released!

Sparkle it up with more Marie. Enjoy more of this crazy show you sciene and goth fans. ^^ Nothing else to really say as of right now, So, hit it up! [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 18 [H264 1280×720] [CBC071FB].mkv DDL | Torrent [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 18 [XviD...


Marie and Gali 17 released!

Been awhile huh? Well, here’s more science coming at ya. We should be getting back on track now. So more to come soon. I’ll have some news coming later but, nothing else to really say at the moment… Enjoy! [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 17 [H264 1280×720] [31A3E85C] DDL |...


Marie and Gali 16 released!

This company really does need to learn its science. The sun does have an orbit. XD Whatever, we just sub it. lol Here’s more Marie you guys. So enjoy. We’ll have some Yumeiro and Anyamal out as soon as we can for the people waiting on it. But like I...


Marie and Gali 15 released!

We’re back with more Marie! New charcter is introduced in this one. So enjoy! [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 15 [H264 1280×720] [9BD56384].mkv DDL | Torrent [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 15 [XviD 704×400] [F60D591D].avi DDL | Torrent Recruiting Translators.


Marie and Gali 14 released!

More Marie for you guys. Probably a Yume double release is next. We’ll see… That’s all for now. Marie 14 v2 h264 Marie 14 xvid Recruiting Translators! UPDATE: Version 2 h264 has been released, added fonts and corrected chapters.


Marie and Gali 13 released!

Here’s your Marie dosage! This time it’s about BBQing. Having fun with this show. Great way to learn things and have fun at the same time. Even though the producers screw up sometimes we noticed. XD Some sad news though people, one of our members is retiring for awhile. Even...


Marie and Gali 12 released!

Hihi back again, here with your next lovely episode of the daily life in Galihabara. For anyone that does not get the episode’s parodies, Wasurenai assumes no responsibility whatsoever. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. (or you can just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you, i guess) P.S. We could...


Marie and Gali 10v2 and 11 released!

Hi people, it’s your new editor MarshMallowCat. I’ll be doing your Marie & Gali and Bihada Ichizoku (hey guys can you bug  torture fireboy more for me please at his website for the rest of bihada, thanks)  so I hope you’ll enjoy the subs. Moving right along, we’ve got two (or not) releases for you...


Marie and Gali 9.5 released!

Recap is a recap episode. XD Well, we went ahead and did it just to do it. Enjoy. More Marie and Gali coming out soon. Also, more Yumeiro and our monthly MMPPP coming out next. h264 Marie 9.5 Xvid Marie 9.5 Edit: Yumeiro is delayed because of lazy people earlier...