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Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 10 released!

Alright after a month of heartache, ATK is back yet again. It also looks like we have some special live action scenes in this one. Also, 11 will be out soon as well. So, as for now, we’re back on track alittle. As always, brought to you by LSS &...


Anyamal 08 released

Oh no!!! A wolf is going to eat up rabbits and cats! NOOO!!! Goodbye, Rimi, Riko. Brought to you by LSS & WSRN h264 xvid ( Unintended adding of underscores in h264 ver. Please remove the underscores in the filename. )


Anyamal 07 + Yumeiro Pâtissière 15+16 released!

Moé plus cakes, what can be a better combination of sweet things in life than that? I know that you just can’t get enough of either Ichigo-chan nor Riko-chan, so that’s why they now come teamed up in 1 single post~ Without further ado, here’s the good stuff! Anyamal brought...


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 6 Released!

More moe in the form of loli cats coming your way, brought to you by LSS & WSRN. No fancy picture this time cause I’m busy with other projects. Edit2: oh look, I put a pic. XD (Webb) LemonSourSubs Anyamal 6 h264 (corrected!) Anyamal 6 xvid Ahem, someone changed the...


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 5 Released!

Sorry for that long delay there. We’re back on track and it seems were getting more help now. Like we said, the more help, the faster we knock’em out. ^_^ Once again more brought to you by WSRN and LSS. LemonSourSubs Anyamal 5 h264 Anyamal 5 xvid


Release order and “missing episodes”.

Ok, so it seems that some people have gotten confused as to why certain episodes are released faster than others. The deal is that other people/groups have not yet released certain episodes as to where some older episodes have been, therefore we try to work extra hard to bring it...


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 2

More moe cuteness coming your way! Another release with our joint partner LSS. Expect more soon. Yumeiro 10 is next. More releases on the way. Also, expect 11eyes to be coming back soon. I was outta town so I gotta get that caught up. Glad to be back posting if...