Wasurenai Fansubs


Seitokai is Dropped.

As I said before, it’s very rare that we drop anything but since our TL got into an accident and died from TL overdose, we’re outta luck. There are a ton of other groups doing the show so it’ll be finished. For the people that were waiting on our releases,...


Triple Release!

You will take our releases…now! Okay, here’s 11eyes 2 and Seitokai 1 again. We decided that 720p for Seitokai pretty much sucks so we dimmed it down. Both xvid and h264 are available this time. 11eyes 2 xvid should be out later today. We did the same with 11eyes as well....


New site (We felt like upgrading a bit.)

Yes, we decided to move. Welcome to our new site, the new home of Wasurenai. Come on in, relax, sit a spell. We plan on making you feel right at home. Get ready for more releases from us soon and alot other news down the road. Our old website is...