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11eyes 01 to 05 xvid

All right, the xvids for 11eyes. Grab them if you want xvids!!! I prefer h264 though. [FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 01 [704×400 BD XviD] [2279CB1D].avi DDL | Torrent [FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 02 [704×400 BD XviD] [7C9E8810].avi DDL | Torrent [FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 03 [704×400 BD XviD] [95F801D5].avi DDL | Torrent [FTV-Wasurenai]...


11eyes 05

Yeah, 5 is out…big whoop…wanna fight about it? Alright, more panty wielding, sword fighting, crazed monster action coming your way. Also, for the people that were asking about xvids for this show…outta the kindness of BF3000’s heart, he decided to do them. So look for some of them to start...


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo 13 Released!

Guess we’re on a roll for a bit now. Here comes the long awaited part 2 to this 2 part episode. It was so moe, I had to do a retake. XD We want to release this faster but as always we need more help. Translators are always welcomed. We...


Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 24 released!

I really don’t know what to say..I’m in awe just like you guys. lol But yes, here’s another wonderful episode of Les. I really enjoyed this one. Looks like new scerinos are about to appear soon. Now we are going to try our best to get these done much faster....


11eyes 03 and 04

More 11eyes in good old fashion Blueray. We decided to just release more the next day. XD We’re trying to get caught up on everything still so even though we’re slow sometimes, we do our best. BTW, was sad to hear about GSO quitting. She did a great job. We...


Marie and Gali 16 released!

This company really does need to learn its science. The sun does have an orbit. XD Whatever, we just sub it. lol Here’s more Marie you guys. So enjoy. We’ll have some Yumeiro and Anyamal out as soon as we can for the people waiting on it. But like I...


11eyes 01 and 02

Here comes 11eyes and the super Blurays! This project has been taking a longgggg time and now we have decided to continue this on Blurays instead. Alright, now you can enjoy the panty shots in true 720p glory! Kudos to FTV-subs who agreed to have a joint with us on...


Bihada Ichizoku 11-12 Released!

So with this, we are done with another project. This series was pretty damm funny to say the least. I like to thank everyone that worked or helped out on this show. This did show us though… Beauty is only skin deep. XD Anyways please enjoy theses last 2 episodes...


Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 48! *^_^*

Nyu! It’s that time again, time for another healthy dose of your favorite mermaids, from your favorite mermaid. 😉 And to be different from the other bunch of posts, I put a smilie into the title this time. I know, utterly clever. What’s no less clever is that we also...


Marie and Gali 15 released!

We’re back with more Marie! New charcter is introduced in this one. So enjoy! [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 15 [H264 1280×720] [9BD56384].mkv DDL | Torrent [Wasurenai] Marie & Gali – 15 [XviD 704×400] [F60D591D].avi DDL | Torrent Recruiting Translators.