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Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 27v2 out!

PRAD 27 is out! This is the first episode where I had the timing duty switched to other staff members for Kiteseekers. I’ve been timing ep 8-26 so there may be some differences in the “style” of timing. Anyway, enjoy the episode while we’re trying to speed through everything. All...


Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 3-4 Specials released!

More specials for you to look at while we get more episodes ready to go. ^^ Star…… Brought to you by us and KiteSeekers [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Special – 03 [H264 704×400] [13A43709].mkv Depositfiles | Torrent [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Special – 04 [H264 704×400] [ED009E35].mkv Depositfiles|...


Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 12 released!

I’m not 100% satisfied with the timing for this episode, but I didn’t want to retime 70% of the script so I left it as it is (for the most part). I’m not the timer for this show after all. Anyway, enjoy the 2nd to last Isekai episode! [Wasurenai] Isekai...


Say What? May Fools?

I can’t believe someone actually asked for this… Well, it’s not April anymore, nor is it the first of (any) month, but whatever. I was originally gonna let this one drop, but you asked for it. 😮 Here’s our (read “my”) May Fool’s release for 2012! I’ll keep this one...


Update time! It’s update time yet again!!

Miku is about to give you the business… Yo everyone! I thought it was about time to give you guys an update on things. I do this cause I know there are still people who don’t go to the damm projects page to check on the status of things XD....


Mari & Gali 34-37 released!

We are winding down to the end of mari and gali season 1. ^^ Couple more episodes and a special and we’re done. Now mind you, there’s a huge update on mari page about the batch and whatnot so check out the info there. Enjoy more science and goth! [Wasurenai]...


Mermaid Melody Pure 13~ ♓

It’s high time that we get some more mermaidy action out there! Sorry for the massively huge delay, folks~ (At the very least, I do hope that the recent re-releases of Umi Monogatari helped tide you over for this!) 😉 Before I get too far underway here, I do have...


Perrine Monogatari 39-40 released!

We have a double release tonight folks for Perrine. Enjoy as we bring you more of this wonderful old school gem. As Collectr put it: Only 13 episodes left to go. Enjoy! Brought to you by us, Licca-Fansubs and KiteSeekers. [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai-Licca] The Story of Perrine – 39 [DVD H264 640×480]...


Umi Monogatari DVD 6 released!

I am now caught up on the encodes with BF3000, so I’ll have to wait on some more. Either way, it won’t take that long you guys so enjoy ep. 6. Also, thank MMC, Asairo, Moshiburner and Jink on the full song. I’ll keep releasing more Umi as soon as...


Umi Monogatari DVD 5 released!

YOU GONNA FINISH THAT CORNBREAD?? Better give her what she wants…More Umi folks! Enjoy your righteous maidens of the sea! [Wasurenai] Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ 05 [DVD H264 720×480] [19E6172E].mkv Depositfiles | Torrent