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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Season 3 announced!

Yes, we saw. Yes, we are. Yes, we gotta haul ass now even though we were already. Still we get a new season so that’s cool. We’re not gonna let it stall out again either that’s for sure. Show we’ll probably be out in the summer. In the meantime,...


Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live announced!

So as we are a fan of series, we just got this announcement for the third season of PRAD called Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime. Since this has come upon me, it is time for me to go into hyperdrive on PRAD and finish it out quick. That way we...


Translator needed! Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional episodes 6-13.

Ichigo needs you! We want to fire up YumePati Pro now but we’re short on translators. We have 1-5 done but as for the rest we could use a little help. An experienced typesetter wouldn’t be bad, either (see post above). No training will be provided. Any volunteers for either position:...


Happy New Year 2013 from Wasurenai-Subs!

From all of us and the staff, we wish you guys another wonderful happy new year! We do have some stuff in store for this year as well as some stuff that we need to finish so just don’t forget about us while we try to get things going again....


Update time! Also, why Milky has been delayed so long….XD

Yo folks! Before I do the other updates, here’s what I posted about Milky on Kiteseekers: Alright, the reasons why Milky has been so delayed is because of this. Typesetting and QCing. Here’s the status as on the projects page. 8 at qc. I’ll give the reason why it’s been...

Recruiting Typesetters!

Okay, as the topic says, we need typesetters! Typesetters requirements: Able to use ASS tags in Aegisub to typeset. As above, no training will be provided. (Self study: Aegisub ASS tags, Youtube video) Why? We had enough of new inexperienced recruits coming and leaving after they learned the basics. Any...


Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari changelog

All episodes: Next Title change from Saint Knight Story in an Alternate World to Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Exceptions to this rule is the already encoded title in the OP. Also some small random fixes in each episode not noted in this log.


Update time! It’s update time yet again!!

Miku is about to give you the business… Yo everyone! I thought it was about time to give you guys an update on things. I do this cause I know there are still people who don’t go to the damm projects page to check on the status of things XD....


Recruiting: Timer!

It’s time to speed up some projects. We need a new timer for projects in general, since we have a lot of projects that we want to finish! People already having experience with Aegisub and timing should apply. Even if you don’t have experience in Aegisub, or timing, it’s fine...