Author: Teme


We are recruiting timers and typesetters!

Hello our dear fans. As you may be aware, we have lost a timer, and we are in dire need of new timers to our team. Not only that, we have also lost some typesetters, so if you are interested in timing or typesetting anime, please contact us at


Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama – 73

Hello there again. It has been a while since our last Kamisama release. Our main timer has been knocked out of action for, idk, probably rest of his life, so we haven’t really advanced any amount with kamisama. Therefore! We are in dire need of timers. If you want to...


Mari & Gali 2.0 Batch

Time to get that batch out of here! We are still working with the special episode of Mari & Gali 2.0, but it will eventually be released too. Look forward to it! Also a thank you for m.3.3.w fansubs for joining us with this journey. [Wasurenai-m.3.3.w] Mari & Gali Ver....