Author: doll_licca


New Project! Mari and Gali Ver. 2.0 Episode 1 released!

We would like to announce a new project, Mari and Gali Ver. 2.0. In this episode, Marika gets called back to Galihabara as it was being destroyed by a rampaging bear and the girl that controls it. It turns out the girl, Norika, was Marika’s replacement, and she hates science....


Milky Holmes Alternative Blu-Rays!

With the acquisition of the Blu-Rays for Milky Holmes Alternative, we would like to present a revised version of our release using the BD sources. We’ve tweaked the translation a bit to improve it even more. We hope that everyone enjoys these revised releases! [KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative...


Hanaukyo Maid Tai Episode 1 released! New project!

                        In conjunction with KiteSeekers, we are announcing a new project, Hanaukyo Maid Tai, with raws based on the BDs that were released this year.   In this episode, Hanaukyo Taro arrives at his grandfather’s supposed home. Little does...