Super Mermaidico the Animation 26!

Super Mermaidico the Animation 26!

Nyu! Long time, no see, everyone! Have you all been well? (Or as I’ve heard some say, “O-genki de~aru ka?”) 😉

First off… yeah, this is late. By pretty much any measure. So for that, I apologize. But at the same time that I give my apologies, I also want to give thanks to everyone who reached out to ask about what’s been happening (or what’s not been happening) with Mermaid Melody Pure. 🙂 Your words did not go unheard… they eventually made their way to me. *^_^* So for all the gentle prodding, thanks. 🙂

As for the usual random fluff that I fill my posts with, there are two tidbits that most come to mind. Some time ago, Webby had sent me a linky about Hitomi Terakado (the VA for Hanon) putting her career on hold. <Rummages around a bit> Ah, here it is. I dunno how really to take news like that… it’s bittersweet, in a way, showing that things change over time. 🙂

The other tidbit (and coming full circle with the title of this post!) is that I recently got word about a new mermaidy anime figure, also from a musical show. :3 Everyone, meet Sonico the mermaid. <Giggles> No, I don’t really see that a single mermaidy figure would give Sonico the title of honorary mermaid. But from my limited wanderings in figures, I’ve not seen too many of them, either. 😮 So, rare opportunity? Who knows… you be the judge. (I made my judgment… and I put in my pre-order. :3 )

Alright, enough of my rambling (and/or oogling my future mermaidy figure), let’s get this underway already! This episode has been brought to you by us and our fishy fwiends over in Licca Fansubs.

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 26 [DVD H264 Hi10P 640×480] [F541B2B6].mkv
Depositfiles| Torrent
XDCC: Wanyudo

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 26 [DVD H264 640×480] [D917D9BD].mkv
Depositfiles| Torrent
XDCC: Wanyudo

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 26 [DVD XviD 640×480] [BF2C6A26].avi
Depositfiles| Torrent
XDCC: Wanyudo

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13 Responses

  1. AK91 says:

    What a surprise, a Mermaid Melody episode! Thanks!

  2. Egozi44 says:


    Still here waiting for the batch ;3

    checking the site for the last 3-4 years because of it : D

    • Ekke says:

      You’re able to download all the episodes from our bots. That’s the fastest way to catch up with all the episodes that are out there for now.
      It’ll be until the last episode is released before a batch comes.

  3. DJ says:

    Goodness, how did I miss that news? I’m hoping that in the future, Hitomi returns for a stint. Call me a little depressed by the all-at-once dropping of such news ;<

  4. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the release! This is one of my childhood anime and I feel so happy to watch it again. <3 Keep up the good work! And you've got a point, it' amazing how much times flies, right? In the article you had of Hannon's voice actress, it's nice to see her fellow cast members attend her concert. The CVs are also friends. 🙂

  5. Tracy1Laiyen says:

    Will there be any more pitch pure releases?
    ; w ;

  6. Webbmaster62 says:

    Yes till we finish it.

  7. My1 says:

    May I kindly ask how long this series will take? your release of the 1st episode was over 4 years ago, according to anidb this series has 39 eps, with 26 you guys are exactly on 2/3 of the series, so are you planning to take another over 2 years?

  8. Kat says:

    Hey, I’m having a hard time getting the Mermaid Melody Pure episodes to download (like they just plain won’t), is there anything I can do or …? Thank you for doing subs though, it’s much appreciated.

    • Teme says:

      Hey Kat,

      It seems Ichiko has atleast episode 26 available, but Ichiko is known to be picky about who it sends those files. If you can’t get the files via XDCC (yes, this is IRC thing), reply to my messsage and we will reseed the files you need.

  9. Rose Lewis says:

    I’m late for this episode, but I want to download it and the other Mermaid Melody episodes (not Pure season). Can you please re-seed them? Thank you kindly ^^

    • Teme says:

      Hello Rose Lewis,
      We are now seeding season 1 files. If you need episodes before ep 40, please tell me, and we will seed those files too.

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