Mari & Gali Ver.2.0 episode 2v2 is out!

Mari & Gali Ver.2.0 episode 2v2 is out!

Geez, how long it’s been since we visited Galihabara? Well then, we’re back here with more Mari & Gali Ver.2.0 for you guys. This time it will be all about soap bubbles. Enjoy!

[Wasurenai] Mari & Gali Ver. 2.0 – 02v2 [H264 1280×720] [87B40912].mkv
Depositfiles | Torrent
XDCC: Wanyudo | Wasu|Kite

[Wasurenai] Mari & Gali Ver. 2.0 – 02 [XviD 704×400] [9EE20C38].avi
Depositfiles | Torrent
XDCC: Wanyudo

We had to do a V2 cause someone forgot some fonts in the script XD.

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  1. CP says:

    Yes! Thanks!!

  2. MG says:

    Thanks! Hope you’ll post more soon!!

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