Futari wa Milky Holmes 1 released!

Futari wa Milky Holmes 1 released!

Copied from Kiteseekers cause we’re lazy bastards lol:

Ok everyone, here’s ep 1 finally! All the setbacks we had this last week was ridiculous. People getting sick, people having to work extra hours everyday at work, then time differences slowed us down as well. Still, after all that, here it is. We didn’t put that much into the karaoke this time and the script is softsubbed besides a few things. For this season as if everyone knows, the show is only 12m mins long and the live action really plays no part to the series as we decided not to tl it. This one is also the “serious” Milky Holmes from the game series so yeah…Now we got that outta the way, here’s our schedule from now on for episodes. Moho our tler for it besides some great help from doll_licca, is only able to tl the show every Tuesday of the coming week after it airs on Saturday. So our goal is to have every episode out around Wednesday or Thursday of that week. So basically, the next day after we get it. Show is 720p so that’s good atleast and we are getting caps as soon as it airs so that’s good as well. Anyways, there you have it. We will see you guys this Wed or Thurs for ep. 2. Enjoy! Brought to you by ourselves and our good friends at KiteSeekers!

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Futari wa Milky Holmes – 01 [1280×720 H264 AAC] [9BA692C9].mkv
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[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Futari wa Milky Holmes – 01 [1280×720 H264 Hi10p OGG] [7B9AA4A5].mkv
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[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Futari wa Milky Holmes – 01 [704×400 XviD MP3] [4D8DBF04].avi
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Bastards forgot to add hi10p and xvid.

Note:Audio is Vorbis so was suppose to be OGG instead of AAC..We’ll fix later.

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2 Responses

  1. Brosef says:

    Any time estimate on when we’ll get the Blu-rays for season 1 and 2?

  2. Kitty says:

    i don’t get it… you guys are the only ones who release in OGG and not AAC, but i won’t bother asking why.

    I felt like there was a lot of things that could be fixed, so i leave them here, but thanks for the subs anyway~
    3:31 – Milky Holmes do really exist, right?
    >Assuming these lines still keep the same meaning, maybe try “Milky Holmes really exists, right?” or “Milky Holmes is real, right?”
    3:43 – No one in this city doesn’t know about them.
    >It’s just weird. I think these keep the same meaning: “Everyone in Yokohama has heard of them.” or “No one here hasn’t heard of them.”
    3:49 – Milky-san is probably out busy.
    just awkward. maybe they’re out -and- busy?
    3:52 – However, those girls haven’t been dispatched out to the scene these few days.
    >this line really needs to be rewritten… maybe “They haven’t been called to work lately, though.”? it seems like this is what is meant in the line to me, at least.
    4:04 – Therefore, to regular folk, Milky Holmes are legendary existences.
    >Now, I haven’t heard of such a thing as “legendary existences”, but i interpret that as “exists as a legend”, so I thought this line might mean this: “Therefore, commoners deem Milky Holmes as just a legend.” and the tone is kind of like a rich person speaking, so i thought the word commoners might make more sense, since that sounds like something rich people might say to refer to non-rich people 😐
    4:24 – It would be nice if I were really as legendary as Milky Holmes.
    >this makes her sound like she’s old and reflecting on her past… probably should replace “were really” with “could be”
    5:12 – That’s right! You would have such a lofty goal since your mother and father are detectives.
    >Too wordy. I figure this might be a way to lose a word or two and keep the line’s meaning with something like “Yep! It’s just like you to have such a lofty goal since your parents are detectives.”
    5:59 > taking out “the reason” still keeps the same meaning.
    6:04 – Well, under the efforts of the Milky Holmes, the incident involving the phantom thieves have been resolved.
    >could always try “Well, due to the efforts of Milky Holmes, the incident involving the phantom thieves has been resolved.”
    6:08 >penetrators =/= perpetrators, which is definitely what you meant.
    7:19 – Totsugawa, start driving the car!
    >dropping “the car” is fine. Or as cops here would say, “let’s go, (partner)”
    8:32 – paper not typeset (even if it’s a half a second)
    9:00 – This time you’re not getting away!
    >either it’s “This time, you’re not getting away!” or “You’re not getting away this time!”

    Please understand, I’m not trying to be arrogant or say i’m smarter than you. I just like correcting people and improving others, that’s all.

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