Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 47!

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 47!

Tournaments are coming to the end…Brought to you by us and KiteSeekers.

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream – 47 [H264 1024×576] [F8733044].mkv
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[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream – 47 [XviD 704×400] [E9C0D6E2].avi
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4 Responses

  1. guest says:

    Are you planning to release the rest of episodes at this pace too?

  2. query says:

    Hi are you planning to sub Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future too?

    Thanks for all your hard work so far 🙂

    • ACTL_33 says:

      One of their past entries said that they are planning to so do, as well as the current season (Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live). I do know that someone is “speedsubbing” the current PR season, but I’d rather wait for Kitseekers/Wasurenai’s take on it because they’re covering both the main and LA portions of each episode.

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