Ekke got a new job! YumePro gets delayed…

Ekke got a new job! YumePro gets delayed...

This is my new job that I got! They called me earlier and told me to start @ 20th feb, this wednesday  at 6.00am. Of course I accepted it!
It’s in another town approximately 950km (~590.3 miles) away from my current home, so I’ll probably need to move to a new apartment.

What does this mean for Wasurenai and the fansubbing process?

  • I will have no internet for the time being.
  • Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional will be slowly progressing if I have the time to connect to the internet and upload my work.
  • No other show will be affected.

Wish me luck with my new career and I’ll keep trying to bring you YumePro 4-13 and finish the show albeit it’ll be way slower now when I have less time to work on it.

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8 Responses

  1. Teme says:

    Dude, start your NEET life already

  2. neo9000 says:

    gl man!

  3. Kah says:

    Congrats & good luck!

  4. ANIKI says:

    Congrats non the less on the new job, and may things work out as you find a new place, so until then I still look forward to the releases of YumePro no matter how long they take.

  5. Ekke says:

    Thanks everyone! I have a contract lasting 6 months now and I’m struggling to find a place to live. I currently have one that lasts to 28th march but after that I have no idea. My searching continues. Also my internet access is limited at best, need to get a mobile broadband : )

  6. BloomingDesire87 says:

    Congratulations Ekke!! Your job comes first! **Pray that I get a job too! >_<**

    • Ekke says:

      I’m sure you will get a job. Just be persistent enough and don’t lose faith in yourself. Also apply for a LOT of jobs, not just 10 or so and wait for a reply. I think I applied for like 150 jobs until I got a truck driving one. Having no experience doesn’t make you wanted but that’s all about to change now once I’m actually able to get it!

      Good luck with your job hunting!

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