Yumeiro Patissiere 01-50 & OVA Batch out!!!

Yumeiro Patissiere 01-50 & OVA Batch out!!!

It’s finally here! Only 1 year, 6 months, 6 days after the final release.

12/12/12: Asairo, our boss and founder, gave me a very generous time limit to finish up fixing Yumeiro before 1/1/2013. With only 12 episodes done earlier, I only had to do around 38 more in less than three weeks. That’d mean at least two/day assuming I would not slack even ONE day (including Christmas). One of these days I even edited out and fixing timing issues/bugs/particles for 8 episodes, or 7 hours straight. I woke up barely 30 minutes before Christmas Eve and started fixing up lots of Yumeiro episodes due to lack of being able to sleep. Call that dedication, eh!

I think my eyeseyes are starting to look like a chocolate cakechocolate cake…..


So, a quick recap of what’s happened in the show.

Hanabusa rejectedKashino & MiyaYurichigo & NatsumeKashino & Ichigo

Hanabusa-kun in the NudeKashino crossdressingMiya & KashinoChocolat in the Nude


So, we have: Rejection, cross-dressing, nude males, two-timing, kissing siblings, baby-making and the final product of it, ensuring you won’t be bored for all the 50 episodes and the OVA.

Hope you enjoyed all our subs, which have been improved with this batch at least 2.000 alterations. This includes Translation errors, name check, googling food names, error on styles, timing fixes, consistency, typos etc etc.
One of the most asked changes is changing Choco’s name to Chocolat, which was (hopefully) implemented in every episode.
The actual changelog is waaaay too big to post here, much less keep track of. The last 15 episodes have the least changes, but every episode has been changed. Hope you enjoy these freshened up subs ^_^

The good stuff that you want:
PATCHES (works only for the old H264 episodes):
1-25 | 26-50 + OVA <— UPDATE: Episode 30v2 added. and 40v2 changed to an actually released file. Please get 40v2 from torrent or bot… I don’t have the old file to make a patch for it :/

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 1-50 & OVA [H264 848×480] (11.2 GiB)
Depositfiles | Torrent
Note: You do not need to download the patches if you download this torrent.

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 1-50 & OVA [XviD 704×400] (9 GiB)
Depositfiles | Torrent


Asairo, Auir, Ekke, JinK, Moshiburner, Ruffian
Translation Checkers: Asairo, H0RUS (zero),  JinK, Moshiburner, Ruffian, SilverDragon

Timer: Firiel, Teme, Webbmaster62
Editors: Astrumerus, Disk, Lexica-chan, Kenshi-kuma, MarshMallowCat, Rokku, Photosafe56, Webbmaster62

Typesetting: Asairo, Itkatsu, Langes01x, MarshMallowCat
Encode: Asairo, BF3000, Webbmaster62 (King of XviD)

Quality Control: Asairo, Ekke, MarshMallowCat, Webbmaster62
Distribution: Asairo, Ekke, Kenshi-kuma, MarshMallowCat, Webbmaster62, Zdm321
Bots: Caramel (Grumbledook), Disk (himself), Ichiko (Teme), Taiyaki (Ekke), Wanyudo (Teme), WasuJr (Kenshi-kuma), Wasu|Kite (Zdm321)

Webhost: Volvagia356
Moral support and random phrases: Doll_Licca, Firiel, Lexica-chan, and of course, You.

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20 Responses

  1. BloomingDesire87 says:

    Wow!! Ekke… thank you ever, ever, ever so much =) I’m waiting on the xvids though hahahaha XD… but it’s good to see this out!! Now, I really can’t wait for the Pro series lmao… XD

    • Ekke says:

      I guess you can watch something else until the XviDs come. XD
      Unfortunately I’ll be moving to another town too far from home so my internet connection will be limited, otherwise I might’ve been able to fix up a milky holmes and yume pro ep sometime next year. Alas I don’t know if I’ll even have internet for a while.

      • BloomingDesire87 says:

        Thanks Ekke!! You really rock!! Man, makes me wanna do something for you guys XD… I’m praying for the Pro series now hahaha =)

  2. Kairi says:

    12 minutes 12 seconds into episode 1 the same translation error is still there. Ichigo tells Henry that her ‘uncle’ now runs her grandmother shop and you translated it as grandpa. When in fact it is her father’s older brother that runs it, and it shows him early in the series. Her grandfather is never mentioned and is never seen through out the series, only her grandmother.

    • Ekke says:

      Uncle vs grandpa? Hmm.
      Uncle (from Latin: avunculus “little grandfather”, the diminutive of avus “grandfather”) <--- source: wikipedia Little grandfather. Grandpa. 😀 There's other structural errors on that sentence though but I did episode 1-12 in 2011 and wasn't as good as I am now. It's a miss everyone have to live with, sorry. 😡 When it was translated, they only said "oji-san" which can mean both grandpa and uncle. Also nobody pinpointed that error before so I wasn't aware of it and is easily missable if you don't think about Ichigo's family tree too hard.

      • Kairi says:

        When hearing it,,it sounds the same except grandfather is ojii-san not oji-san the ‘ ii ‘ is emphasized for grandfather and the ‘ o ‘ is for uncle ,at least that is what I understood.
        No real big thing.
        It gave me a reason to play with a subtitle editor to make my own v3
        Thanks for all your hard work.

        • CP says:

          Yeah, it sounds like she says 伯父さん and not お祖父さん/お爺さん , so “my uncle” it should be as far as I understand.

          However, doesn’t matter – really thanks for all this; now I can finally archive it 😀

    • 1HP says:

      Same with 5 minutes in episode 30 when Kashino says “Ore wa chuu ni da”. He said “I’m in 8th grade” or second year of junior high not “I’m already twelve”. It’s a common mistake same with Ojisan and Ojiisan.

      • Ekke says:

        Nice that you saw that error. Unfortunately I’m not a full-fledged translator so I missed that when I went over the scripts.
        Noted for the future 😀

  3. Epyon says:

    Whoa, cool. :O I’ll also wait for the XviD. Thank you guys~ <3

  4. Cercia says:

    Thank You!

  5. Gar says:

    Thanks! I have been waiting for a long time 🙂

  6. Marcus says:

    I seems that you missed fixing Choclat in episode 6v2, it still reads Choco.

    • Ekke says:

      Happens. D:
      All the scripts are not error free but it’s way better than before. There will be more mistakes than this, be sure of it. I just reduced a lot of them 🙂

  7. Q-feuille says:

    Thank you so much for this batch. are you have a plan to sub Yumeiro Partissiere Professional? ^_^

  8. Liselsia says:

    is the timestamp at the top left still there?

  9. williukea says:

    the 3rd picture before last… its totally forte or fo-chan from mamotte lollipop both “likes” cross-dressing both have blonde hair too 😀

  10. S says:

    Can somebody please seed this torrent? It’s not downloading for me, please help ;__;

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