Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 34 released!

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 34 released!

So here’s more PRAD for you guys! Gonna keep trucking. More to come soon. 35 is right around the corner. Enjoy more PRAD! Brought to you by us and KiteSeekers.

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream – 34 [H264 1024×576] [05532403].mkv
Depositfiles | Torrent

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream – 34 [XviD 704×400] [F2789FE2].avi
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7 Responses

  1. PichiPrad says:

    Thank you! I’ve been wanting to watch this episode for a long time! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hikari says:

    Only the subtitles in the opening are working for me v.v
    The rest is raw >.<

    • Teme says:

      I usually do not say this, but it must be something on your end.
      I downloaded the episode and checked, all subtitles were properly playing.

    • Ekke says:

      Do you have the newest codecs? If not, it might be a good idea to update them.
      Try downloading CCCP but be sure to uninstall every codec you have before you install it.
      The subs exist in the episode as it should.

      • Hikari says:

        Yes, I looked it up. I had all the correct codecs I needed but for some reason they wouldn’t work in the default program playing the video o.o
        I tried a different program and got them to work ^^

  3. Hello says:

    Guys, any updates on Anyamal batch? Thanks for the hard work.

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