Yeah, we’re late on MMPPPP 14, big whoop, wanna fight about it? XD Also other news on things…

Yeah, we're late on MMPPPP 14, big whoop, wanna fight about it? XD Also other news on things...

If anybody was wondering about MMPPPP 14, we had a little snafu with one of Lexica-chan’s HDs. It crashed on us and she lost quite a bit of work including the script for 14 she was just about done with. Yes, we could’ve been had this out probably weeks ago but hey, that’s life for ya. Good thing is, she had a backup text on the script so all is not lost. She’s just having to re-input all she did before again which sucks ass but ehh *shrugs*. As soon as we get everything all back which she is doing while I type, it should be out sometime in a week or two, or depending how fast she gets it out. As for everything else, WE HAVEN”T FORGOTTEN! Isekai, Yumeiro, Yume Pro, PRAD, Milky Holmes BDS for season 1, Milky Season 2, Anyamal batch, Umi DVDs and mari and gali batch and 2.0 are all still getting worked on. Just some members have gotten busy with things. I’m already getting chewed out by Asairo on PRAD which I was the one that picked up the show for my group KiteSeekers in the first place and he’s chewing me out! LOL Either way, we haven’t forgotten any of these shows. Give us some time, some of us are getting outta a slump with RL things but we’re still here. MMC will be back to finish Milky II in probably another week or so after his finals. In the meantime, I’ll be working on other projects we need to finish getting out. Milky season 1 BDs is a BIG one since all the damm encodes are done basically lol. I’ll try my best to get BF3000 to get me some more Umi DVD encodes as well. He’s having fun playing Diablo 3 though XD. I’ll throw on my charms. 😛

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8 Responses

  1. babylon52281 says:

    Sucks to hear on the HD crapping out. I was wondering what took Pichi Pitch so long to come out……:-(

  2. Tony Martinez says:

    i understand ,just want to thank you all for your hard work on bring us MMPPP

  3. anon says:

    I’m already used to waiting for Isekai

    /naggers gonna nag

  4. MilkyHolmesAddict says:

    Waiting is nothing new, good luck with everything guys!

  5. Ekke says:

    Proof we haven’t forgotten MH2: All episodes are now timed, fine-timed and encoded. 😀

  6. xav7er says:

    thanks for all the hard work and for the future mari and gali batch B^D

  7. Shilar says:

    Hey, no rush. I am used to waiting a long time (Lunar’s MMPP anyone?). Please, take your time, drink a few drinks 😉

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