Update time! It’s update time yet again!!

Update time! It's update time yet again!!

Miku is about to give you the business…

Yo everyone! I thought it was about time to give you guys an update on things. I do this cause I know there are still people who don’t go to the damm projects page to check on the status of things XD. Okay here we go.

Marie and Gali Almost done with the first season. 3 more episodes to go. Might be able to finish them this week. Then we’re gonna go ahead and make our own batch with 0-9 tled. Working on them now. We’re also working on the special too. Trying to see if we should release the special first or just put it in with the batch. Then onto Mari. 2.0.

Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional 1 at qc2, 2 at qc, 3-5 at tlc, 6-12 at tl. As you know MMC is helping on this one so when he gets time, he’ll finish tling the rest. When I get some time, I’ll go ahead and start getting this show going. As you can see, it’s still alive.

Yumeiro Pâtissière Batch The batch so far is at around 20%. Ekke is trying to get time to get to it again. I’ll help him when he starts going on it more again. For the record, he’s helping us knock out older series like isekai, hence why the very long wait on the batch. Plus, mkvs will be easy, but I don’t know if I want to go back and redo a crap load of xvids. I’ll have to be motivated or something.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 12 is at final qc, 13 is at edit. Ekke is actually qcing it now as I type. He’s about at 33%. Even with everything going, this show is a bitch in the tl department. Give’em money to hang in there lol. This show will be finished though.

Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Batch MMC was working on it earlier this week. Updates on it are always done in the project page but for the lazy ones…

Status episodes 1-15: All clear.
Currently checking 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 for major errors for correction in recap episode 29.
Episodes later than 14 may get sporadic v2′s for consistency/timing/editing/translation mistakes.
Episode 29 line updating process: 60%
Random episodes that have stuff changed so far: 16, 25, 39, 45.

So there ya go…

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure All episodes are tled. M2P4 14(0%)(Lexi), 15-17 at Choco edit, 18-27 at Edit-Choco/Levi, 28-31,33-37 at TLC-Asa, 32,38-39 at Time-Kansa. So there ya go. If you guys want Lexi to hurry, give her mermaids and snacks and cookies and hot cute anime guys to munch on. 😛

Perrine Monogatari 41 at time, 42-53 at tlc. This show is going along very nicely. Doll….when doll gets on a project, doll gets it done. All is well with this one. Also, if you guys already forgotten, the original tler for C1 is the same person for Perrine so give Moho a thank you.

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ DVDs I caught up with BF3000 on the encodes so waiting on new ones. Specials are basically like this:

umi Kanon to Iku Amamikoshima 0-3 at ts, 4-12 at tlc.
umi Marin no Naani 1-4 at tlc.

Episode 13 is at tlc for the time being. When I get more encodes, we go from there ^^.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes BDs 6-8 are at MMC, 9-12 are at retime. We had a guy working on the retimes but if he doesn’t show up soon, I’ll do it. MMC will get these going too as as soon as he can. (Lots of stuff at MMC huh? We love the guy that’s why lol)

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Act 2 7 is at encode, 8-9 at tlc/ts, 10-12 at wr. We can get the timeraws easy for this show, it’s the encodes that are holding us a bit. See episode 7 has a new afx logo change in it and we need to get that fixed before we can continue with the encoding, fortunately the guy that did it, isn’t around or he is idk. Asairo said he got him and then nothing yet. I actually have no idea if he got him again this week but I see a afx thing on ftp for episodes so he might’ve have. I hope he got him, I need him for PRAD OP 2 and PRAD DMF OP lol. MMC has been around and is doing stuff so hopefully, we can get this finish and move onto the BDs. No doubt we’ll probably have some specials on this season as well. I already see a special on the ftp ^_^.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 27-28 at Reencode, 29-30 at edit, 32,33 at time check, 31,34-41 at time, 42-51 at tl, SP3-4 at qc2 DJ, 5-6 at edit, 7-15 at wr, rest are at tl. This series is something else I tell ya. I love it though. The 3 Ending for PRAD has given us hell these last few weeks, but I think we finally got it fixed. There’s one more even after that! Anyways, I’m gonna try to get this speeded up now as Moho, the tler, is on fire. He’s already tled episode 41 and gave it to me this morning. 42 is coming probably later today. He wants to get to PRAD DMF and start on that as soon as he can. As you can see, he loves this show. So that’s it for this show so far.

That’s everything in a nutshell. Just keep in contact with us and we’ll keep updating you via chatbox and project page. If I missed anything I’m sure the staff will point it out lol. Until then, don’t forget about us..

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12 Responses

  1. D.J. says:

    If the Mermaid Princesses will help, and in any form, then I’ve got plenty of art considering. XP

  2. David says:

    Good to see MMPPP is coming along nicely. Waiting a looong time to see what they’re actually saying, lol.

  3. MilkyHolmesAddict says:

    >Yume Pati Pro
    Just oh wow.
    >Milky Holmes II
    Looking forward to the day that you guys release more Milky goodness. Keep up the good work!

  4. BloomingDesire87 says:

    Thanks for the Update!! =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Been waiting for 2 years for the entire series to be subbed to watch Marie & Gali. Now that it’s almost here, I can’t believe it’s really happening. I was starting to think I’d be fluent in Japanese before it was finished.

  6. Rueleo says:

    Keep up the good work! ^_^ been patiently waiting for the complete Isekai Monogatari

  7. Savannah Nguyen says:

    um i would like to ask about yumeiro patissiere sp professional, well um I just finished episode 13 and i would like to know if there’s going to be an episode 14 or another season that’s commin out and so i would like to know the answer. well thanx for everything. plz reply soon. thank u.

  8. Thanks alot for the new status update on Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Act 2 :)!

  9. Cabasho says:

    hi guys, i’ve been around here for quiet a long time (bout a year and a half… maybe a bit more… not sure) and only for one reason: i want your yumeiro patissier releases….you are the only guys who did it on avi… and i’m here waiting for to be done cause i dont mind waiting for good stuffs… so please… dont drop the idea of the avi batch… keep going at it and yumeiro patissier pro =3!, best wishes, FAITO! =3

  10. MMPPPLOVER says:

    Thanks for the updates! 🙂

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