Recruiting: Timer!

It’s time to speed up some projects. We need a new timer for projects in general, since we have a lot of projects that we want to finish!
People already having experience with Aegisub and timing should apply.

  • Even if you don’t have experience in Aegisub, or timing, it’s fine if you’re willing to learn, have lots of spare time and patience.
  • No understanding of the Japanese language is required, but it can help if you know a few words to make accurate timing.

Contact us through: Email, IRC (recruit channel) or comment to this post.

Edit: Thanks for the participation! Timer recruiting is now closed.

P.S. Any donation amount you can spare is appreciated and welcomed 🙂 D.S.

13 Responses

  1. hollow says:

    Hey are you sure you can finish this anime soon cause frankly i love this show

  2. PRAD LOVER says:

    I hope you guys can find a timer soon! 🙂

  3. Firi says:

    I think someone should poke a timer into working again.

  4. GhostKiller_________ says:

    Just out of curiosity are you guys still recruiting timers ?

  5. Hirasawa says:

    If you will take someone who is rather new to timing but willing to learn more, I would like to be of assistance to you guys.

  6. Ekke says:

    GhostKiller and Hirasawa: Please join the recruit channel and write to me on IRC so I can give you each respective tests.
    Thank you.

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