Another update has come!!

Another update has come!!

We been kinda in a slow mode cause of the ending year and other things as well but…alright you guys. Since we been getting asked about a lot of things, (like always XD) I’ll give you guys an update on what’s going on with all the series….

Umi DVDs, EP 13 and Specials 4-12 are at retime, ep. 13 is tled but needs a mad TLC on it. We also had to work on the new song in 13 as well. Almost all the specials are tled. Most of them are timed and at tlc and ts already. We’ll get to these as fast as we can. ^^

Isekai We really wanna get these done. 11 is at another qc as we got consistency issues we found which also hits on our other released episodes. (Isekai is gonna get a v2 storm for the batch) 12-13 are at timing. So good news, all episodes are tled. We’re gonna try to get Kenshi to give it another look as he is one of the qcers for this. So just pray we have a Christmas gift for you guys. ^^

Mari and Gali 30-39 are at tlc. Teme tled some more and plans to finish season 1 atleast before the end of the year. If we could get help on the tlc of this show, we could get these out a whole lot quicker. We still have season 2 to do.

Mermaid Melody PPPP Doll is on a roll with the tling. 10-11 at qc, 12-21,25 at Edit, 22-24,26 at TLC, 27-35 at Time, 36 at TL 85%, 37-39 at TL-Licca. So yeah, it’s going fine. If you want them faster, give Lexica and Kans some cookies.

Onii-chan BDs Yes, this show is not dropped. Our buddies at KiteSeekers still got it going. We just been busy with the other ones to get back to it. Ekke plans to help MMC finish this one soon and yes we already have ep. 1 ready at qc for BD to release soon.(Been there for a minute lol) We’ll continue when Ekke wants to jump on it or we clear more space for it. ***

Pretty Rhythm Project with KiteSeekers is going fine as well. PR18 at QC, 19 at ts, 20 at edit, 21 at tlc, 22 at time, 23-34 at tl/enc. Minded you, you can find this out on our site in the project’s page or Kiteseeker’s site as they do update status all the time. That goes for all projects here and there. ***

Milky Holmes BDs 4-5 are at qc. 6-12 are at retime. Also, BF3000 has answered your request and did 1-12 all in 1080p glory(pain in the ass!!!)since no one else really did it. There all at encode qc as we gotta make sure there all good to go then we go from there.

Yume Batch It’s coming along…that’s all I can really say. Ekke is giving updates on what needs to be fixed still and is being fixed. I plan to help as soon as I have time.  ***

Yume Pro Just like MMC said in his Anyamal post, he’s kicking ass on it. 1 at QC2, 2 at qc, 3-5 are at timing, 6-13 are at tl. So stay tuned.

Anyamal batch Last but not least, Anyamal is coming along. Me and MMC are gonna work on 41 soon to get it finally outta the way so we can get the rest of redone episodes out to you and be done for good with this one. Remember, new encodes for some are coming out with missing stuff we missed the first round and other fix ups for other episodes as well. We plan to at least have this out by xmas. Our goal anyways.

We wanna try to get you guys some gifts this Christmas holiday so we’ll do what we can to make that happen. Donations always appericated.(it’s only 28 bucks lol) XD Also help for tling Milky Holmes Season 2 would help out Kiteseekers and MMC a lot so anyone interested in helping us that season, give us a hollar.

P.S. Sorry for no info on our “other” site the last few months. We had a release ready, but our “friends” that we’re joining with are taking their sweet time for some reason. XD

*** Ekke update: Pretty Rhythm and Yumeiro Pâtissière batch has priority over Onii-chan (my personal priorities). Requesting additional translator for episodes 5-13 will make these appear much quicker.

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6 Responses

  1. Akira says:

    Is Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo episode 41 will do it in next year, it was been a while so long for it . .

    Thank you

  2. Ekke says:

    Anyamal batch Last but not least, Anyamal is coming along. Me and MMC are gonna work on 41 soon to get it finally outta the way so we can get the rest of redone episodes out to you and be done for good with this one.”

  3. cutieness says:

    Can’t wait for the ATK batch to come out, lost over half the episodes when my hard drive was dropped by a friend. Thanks guys for doing the batch, really really appreciate it.

  4. Rob says:

    thanks for the news; can’t wait for the Isekai

  5. tpr says:

    thanks for the update, rea happy about the milky holmes 1080p

  6. tofu-sage says:

    please not complete isekai !!!

    i want to see these fans struggle in pain longer.

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