Mermaid Melody Pure 9! ❀

Mermaid Melody Pure 9! ❀

Nyuuu! That’s right, folks… another day, another episode of Mermaid Melody Pure to keep all you fishies happy…. Wait. Say what, there are 3 news posts about Mermaid Melody Pure on the front page? *O_o* Whoa…

Yeah, that’s a fluke, sorta. As I’m sure you noticed, this episode was expedited somewhat. 😉 I had very good reason to, too! *^^* In addition to it being another episode, it’s also sporting yet another new character~ (Now aren’t you glad that you aren’t styling this show?) 😉

Yeah, there really aren’t any surprises on this one… it was sorta a toss-up though. On the one hand, I wanna at least try to keep the mystery going in the pic. But… Lady Bat is pretty much my favorite baddie in the entire series. :3 That, and she’s getting clobbered with lots of mini hearts. How could I resist? <Snugglz my own Lady Bat plushie>

Obviously, Lady Bat was a good enough reason to get this episode expedited. But even moreso, I wanted to have a release in time for my own birthday. 😉 Hehe. <Wheels out a Lady Bat-shaped cake and serves up some slices> *^_^*

As always, this has been brought to you by the birthday party coordinators at Licca Fansubs and us here at Wasurenai.

PS: <Cheers for the shiny new Mermaid Melody Pure banner!>

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 09 [DVD H264 Hi10P 640×480] [C47D2566].mkv
CRC32 mistake: The correct one is 269A10A8. Rename it after download.
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[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 09 [DVD H264 640×480] [3C13C694].mkv
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[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 09 [DVD XviD 640×480] [42F169A0].avi
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6 Responses

  1. doll_licca says:

    The correct CRC for the Hi10P version is 269A10A8. This was a mistake on my part, and I apologize.

  2. D.J. says:

    Hey Lexy. Have a happy happy one ♪

  3. Ekke says:

    Thanks doll for making the rest of us aware of it. Edited post to reflect that info.

  4. Epyon says:

    Thank you WSRN-Licca and happy belated Birthday Lexica-chan. I love the new MMPPPP banner. ^^

  5. Bobby says:

    Someone please seed this episode again.

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