Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Complete Soundtrack released!

Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Complete Soundtrack released!

Surprise! Didn’t expect this one, eh? Well, having finished translated the series already, I figured I’d go the extra mile and import the soundtracks for all of you Kirumin fans and archivers out there. The openings and endings in particular are, in my opinion, most worthy to keep and have high re-listening value. Excellent soundtracks are composed by Kawashima Kanou. Not to beat the dead horse, but if you like the music, please do support the artists as well! I’ve included ASIN links for easy access. Bon écoute!

[LSS-WSRN] Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo – Complete OST [FLAC-LV8-VBR] [PNG-32] [886F22EC].rar
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[LSS-WSRN] Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo – Complete OST [MP3-V0-VBR] [JPEG-8] [84210670].rar
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Ripped from original imported CDs with iTunes (Apple M4A lossless) and then converted with dBpoweramp (FLAC lossless & LAME MP3 lossy, all on highest settings). I would’ve done a straight rip with EAC but only the Gracenote database has the metadata for these CDs. Do let me know if there’s any problem with them. Scans were sourced from 300 dpi BMP, converted to 32-bit PNG lossless and 8-bit JPEG lossy, and put in their respective archives.

<rant>Epson© scanners suck monkey balls and I have a new-found respect for veteran rippers who somehow get all their scans perfectly. Some images have tiny sections slightly cut off or I had to add extra paper to get the whole image, which resulted in several pictures having white borders. Apparently, scanning paper with naturally white sections against a white scanning back board didn’t seem like a potential problem to the manufacturers.</rant>

Thanks to Ekke for distributing this monster release. Please help him seed!

Albums, artists, and tracks info listed below.

I. あにゃまる探偵キルミンずぅ アソートCD 1 (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Assorted CD 1)

Vintage: 2010/6/9

Number of Discs: 1

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 33 minutes


Notes: A few drama tracks, character songs, and TV size OP/ED.





  1. 「カノンの憂鬱」Vol. 1-1 (“Kanon’s Melancholy” Volume 1-1)
  2. ^ Vol. 1-2
  3. ^ Vol. 1-3
  4. しあわせの輪舞曲 (Rondo of Happiness)
  5. ズバッと解決! ラッキー探偵 (OA ver. ) (Fully Solved! Lucky Detective (On Air Version))
  6. Poo (リコ & リム & ナギサ ver.) (Riko & Rimu & Nagisa version)
  7. Chuai mad noi (リコ & リム & ナギサ ver.) ^
  8. Poo (TV size ver.)
  9. Chuai mad noi (TV size ver.)

II. あにゃまる探偵キルミンずぅ アソートCD 2 (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Assorted CD 2)

Vintage: 2010/8/4

Number of Discs: 1

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 47 minutes


Notes: A few drama tracks, character songs, and their instrumental versions.





  1. 「カノンの憂鬱」 Vol. 2-1 (“Kanon’s Melancholy” Volume 2-1)
  2. ^ Vol. 2-2
  3. ^ Vol. 2-3
  4. 真夏の花園 (Midsummer’s Flower Garden)
  5. ケンとタマオの追跡物語 (Ken and Tamao’s Pursuit Story)
  6. しあわせの輪舞曲 (RONDO MIX) (Rondo of Happiness (RONDO MIX))
  7. ズバっと解決! ラッキー探偵 (KAMIHAMA MIX) (Fully Solved! Lucky Detective (KAMIHAMA MIX))
  8. 真夏の花園 (inst.) (Midsummer’s Flower Garden (instrumental))
  9. ケンとタマオの追跡物語 (inst.) (Ken and Tamao’s Pursuit Story (instrumental))

III. あにゃまる探偵キルミンずぅサウンドトラック-アニマリアンSIDE (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Soundtrack Animalian SIDE)

Vintage: 2010/7/7

Number of Discs: 1*

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour 13 minutes


Notes: *First soundtrack set, bundled with 6th DVD volume.





  1. 森に囲まれた洋館 (Forest Mansion)
  2. 迫りくる危機 (Impending Crisis)
  3. コウモリカノン (Bat Kanon)
  4. 危険な香り (Dangerous Scent)
  5. 小悪魔 (Rogue)
  6. 野生の王国 (Wild Kingdom)
  7. 美青年軍団 (Handsome Young Military Troop)
  8. 大人の誘惑 (Adult’s Allure)
  9. 幼い嫉妬 (Childish Envy)
  10. 夕陽の対決 (Sunset Showdown)
  11. 絶体絶命ピンチ (Absolutely Desperate Situation)
  12. 怪しい雰囲気 (Suspicious Atmosphere)
  13. 恐怖の宇宙人 (Terrifying Aliens)
  14. 怪盗ビューティ・バット参上! (Appearance of the Phantom Thief Beauty Bat!)
  15. カノンの決意 緊迫ムード (Kanon’s Determination / Tense Mood)
  16. 悪い予感 (Bad Feeling)
  17. キャリア・ウーマン (Career Woman)
  18. 追跡 (Pursuit)
  19. ドジなアニマリアン (Clumsy Animalian)
  20. パルスの暗い過去 (Pars’s Dark Past)
  21. アメリカバイソンの暴走 (American Bison Rampage)
  22. ゾウとチーターの疾走(Elephant and Cheetah Dash)
  23. 屋根裏の白い恐怖 (White Terror in the Attic)
  24. ミサの妖しい魅力 (Misa’s Dodgy Charm)
  25. 屋根の上のチェイス (Rooftop Chase)
  26. 蒼きオオカミの孤独 (Inexperienced Wolf’s Solitude)
  27. カノンの活躍 (Kanon’s Activities)
  28. 陽気なアニマリアン (Cheerful Animalian)
  29. カノンはさびしんぼう (Lonely Kanon)
  30. ラッキー探偵のテーマ (Lucky Detective Theme) [voiced lyrics]
  31. カラクリ時計 (Automaton Clock)
  32. ファンファーレ (Fanfare)

IV: あにゃまる探偵キルミンずぅ サウンドトラック キルミンずぅSIDE (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Soundtrack Kiruminzoo SIDE)

Vintage: 2010/12/8

Number of Discs: 1*

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

ASIN: B0044MS39K

Notes: *Second soundtrack set, bundled with 13th (final) DVD volume.





  1. キルミンずぅ (Kiruminzoo)
  2. 神浜市への飛翔 (Flying Towards Kamihama City)
  3. パパはミジンコ時博士 (Papa, The Water Flea Expert)
  4. ママはアニマル・カウンセラー (Mama, The Animal Counselor)
  5. 陸ガメの名はドクトル (Doctor, The Tortoise)
  6. 御子神家の一家団欒 (The Mikogamis’ Happy Family Get-Together)
  7. 暗闇でダンス (Dance in the Dark)
  8. 見知らぬ場所の探検 (Exploring Unknown Places)
  9. キルミン・フォーゼ (Kiruminphosis)
  10. 屋根の上のリコ (Riko on the Rooftop)
  11. 進化の系統樹 (Evolutionary Tree)
  12. ケンとタマオの狂想曲 (Ken and Tamao’s Rhapsody)
  13. ドキドキの予感 (Heart-Stopping Feeling)
  14. 野生児ケン (Wild Tiny Ken)
  15. 初恋の色 (Color of First Love)
  16. 屋根裏部屋の謎の研究室 (Mysterious Laboratory in the Attic)
  17. 失敗は成功のマザー (Failure is a Stepping-Stone to Success)
  18. 救出大作戦 (Rescue Operation)
  19. バスルームの秘密会議 (Secret Bathroom Meeting)
  20. スポーツ勝負 勝負だ! (Sports Battle / It’s on!)
  21. 暢気なママ (Carefree Mama)
  22. あにゃまる探偵団結成 (Anyamal Detective Club Formation)
  23. 私が犬って・・・ (So I’m a Dog…)
  24. 解決の糸口 (Clue Towards Resolution)
  25. 身近な新世界 (Nearby New World)
  26. 解決はしたけれど (Though It’s Resolved Already)
  27. 名探偵ケンロック・ホームズ (Great Detective Kenlock Holmes)
  28. ネズミの疾走 (Rat Sprint)
  29. ネコの忍び足 (Stealthy Catwalk)
  30. 恋のキューピット (Cupid of Love)
  31. タイムアップの危機 (We’re Done For)
  32. キルミンずぅの捜査会議 (Kirumins’ Investigation Meeting)

V: Poo/Chuai Mad Noi (Neko Jump) [Single, Maxi]

Vintage: 2009/12/23

Number of Discs: 1

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 21 minutes


Notes: “Poo” is the series’ OP, “Chuai Mad Noi” is the ED for episodes 1-29.

※ ”朝イチ大パニック!” = JP ver. of Chuai Mad Noi, used in episodes 14-24.




  1. Poo
  2. Chuai mad noi
  3. プー ~カニさんの悪夢~ (Poo ~Kani-san’s Nightmare~) [Poo JP ver.]
  4. 朝イチ大パニック! (Huge Panic First Thing In The Morning!) [Chuai mad noi JP ver.]
  5. Poo (Instrumental)
  6. Chuai mad noi (Instrumental)

VI: Clap your Sunday!/Joob Joob (Neko Jump) [Single, Maxi]

Vintage: 2010/8/25

Number of Discs: 1

Label: King Records

Run Time: Approx. 24 minutes


Notes: “Clap your Sunday” is the series’ ending theme for episodes 30-50.

“Joob Joob” is the ending for the TVK drama “Good-Luck Girl Dragonet”.




  1. Clap your Sunday! (Japanese ver.)
  2. Clap your Sunday! (Thai ver.)
  3. Joob Joob (Japanese ver.)
  4. Joob Joob (Thai ver.)
  5. Clap your Sunday! (Instrumental)
  6. Joob Joob (Instrumental)

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