11eyes 11-12 + OVA + Batch !!! Complete~!

11eyes 11-12 + OVA + Batch !!! Complete~!

You read that right. We’ve finally finished another project of ours, 11eyes. We completely switched out our crew for the last two eps and the OVA, with new translator and typesetter MMC (previously editor) and timer Ekke for this project. That’s why we’re now able to bring you the release at last!
Now I can go back and watch episodes 1-10 lol. I missed out on those because I took over the timing for episode 11-12+OVA.

Sadly, FTV went inactive starting from episode 11, shifting most of the work on us but we decided to keep the tag anyway since we like consistency on filenames. They didn’t go completely MIA. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The OVA is not for kids. You have been warned. The picture above is proof of concept.

OVA has a second audio track (the commentary; in Japanese). It has been left unsubbed.

BD gains include the usual animation fixes, increased quality, and no weather warnings/TV viewing distances/internet upload messages/sponsor clips. There are also now various minor uncensored scenes, such as panty and gory shots.

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes 01-12 & OVA [BD 720p h264]
Fileserve | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes 01-12 & OVA [BD 400p XviD]
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Single Torrents:

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 11 [1280×720 BD H264] [FF56638A].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 11 [704×400 BD XviD] [2FEE2A20].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 12 [1280×720 BD H264] [09E860E5].mkv
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[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 12 [704×400 BD XviD] [D8E81103].avi
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[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – OVA [1280×720 BD H264] [1D277360].mkv
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[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – OVA [704×400 BD XviD] [E5092194].avi
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The mandatory Credits list:
Translator:  JinK, MarshMallowCat
Translation Check: Asairo

Timer: Ekke, Teme
Editor: Webbmaster62, MMC

Encode: BF3000
Typesetting: Langes01x, Itkatsu, MMC

QC: Asairo, MarshMallowCat, Webbmaster62

Distributors: Ekke, Zdm321, and of course, You.

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10 Responses

  1. miracles says:

    Thank’s for completed the series with HQ BD ,it’s only 720p or i have to wait 1080p?

    • Ekke says:

      99.9% chances there won’t be a 1080p release. It’d take a miracle for us to do one. Reason being that a 1080p version of this show would be an upscale, and we don’t support those.

  2. Toshiaki says:

    Finally! It’s been a long wait, but you really finished this one, kudos!

  3. tofu-sage says:

    Sorry for out of topic. But i try to contract you guys in every ways (both irc and shout box) but no one respond.

    I have a problem with your Isekai (i downloaded via irc’s bot).
    By some reason I saw a lot of grains, water marks and jags on it event I watched it with newest cccp (wmp also have the same proplem).
    What should I do ? Am I have to switch to another player ?

    • MMC says:

      Which episode are you talking about?

      Just got the 9th h264 episode, all’s fine with coreavc 3.0.1 (w/ cuda), latest haali, and latest mpc-hc with evr-cp (no postprocessing). Check your settings and the video CRC.

  4. rob says:

    thanks for your hard work

  5. TugaFan says:

    Thanks for complete this project. Good work!!!!

  6. zach8012 says:

    Thanks for completing another great series!

  7. mezzoguitar says:

    I remember watching this series. It was the ‘so bad it’s good’ type of anime that got hilariously dumb in several places. Especially near the end with a ton of deus ex machina and diabolus ex machina trying to outdo each other. I might rewatch this someday but I’m in no hurry to.

    Regardless, congratulations on finishing another anime, Wasurenai!

  8. tripperdan99 says:

    Excellent, I’ll replace my original subs that were Pre-BD. This should be good.


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