We forgot again, but happy 2 year anniversary Wasurenai-Subs!

We forgot again, but happy 2 year anniversary Wasurenai-Subs!

We keep forgetting as it was back in June, but it’s also our 2nd year in the fansubbing business. ^^ We come a long way and have gotten some series finished lol. We had our ups and downs this year,(espeically with our FTP mishaps and my comp be jacked up still ughhh..) but still kicking strong! We’re on fire at the moment as well. So anyways, glad to still be doing this and glad things are coming along. Appreicate all our members and fans that we have. We hope to bring you more releases and series and our best work in the future as we continue this stride for as long as we can take it. ^^

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8 Responses

  1. mahousenshi says:

    Hey! Gratz!! Keep the great work guys!!!

  2. TugaFan says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    If possible, open a sugestion page for next season projects.

    And JinK, when you have time, try to finish 11eyes, so we can see the complet series..

  3. Astrumerus says:

    Happy Anniversary Wasurenai! ;D

  4. Lisa says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Wasurenai!
    Keep up the good work!

    (> ” ” <)
    ( =’o'= )

  5. Blammo says:

    Happy Anniversary! for your 2 years and also for your 1 year since the last isekai release.
    * *
    I I

  6. tripperdan99 says:

    Happy Happy!!! Thanks for the wonderful work!

  7. Happy 2nd Anniversary Wasurenai :D, I really hope you finish subbing Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo on October 31, 2011 :).

  8. chocolat927 says:

    Oh wow it’s been 2 years!!! It seems like just yesterday I just joined….. *choco-chan is reminiscing*

    well let’s continue for more years to come!!!! also someone drop a cake in the mermaid tank xD

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