11eyes 8-10 BD released!

11eyes 8-10 BD released!

What the heck??!? 11eyes out? And not only that, but three episodes! WOW!
Last was a double release back in 21st February, so it has only been… 5½ months since last release. Not bad. 😀

Don’t forget to drop by FTV’s website as well, or go to their IRC channel: #FTV-subs@irc.​rizon.​net

Image from Webb, maybe, if he cares. Otherwise, just grab what you came here for, the links!
Webb: There’s your damm image! lol

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 08 [1280×720 BD H264] [6CC3B92F].mkv
Fileserve | DDL | Torrent
[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 09 [1280×720 BD H264] [BF5AC917].mkv
Fileserve | DDL | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 10 [1280×720 BD H264] [A951A1CF].mkv

Fileserve | DDL | Torrent

[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 08 [704×400 BD XviD] [80CB5CEB].avi
Fileserve | DDL | Torrent
[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 09 [704×400 BD XviD] [F12FF71F].avi
Fileserve | DDL | Torrent
[FTV-Wasurenai] 11eyes – 10 [704×400 BD XviD] [0F846F65].avi

Fileserve | DDL | Torrent

MMChaxxedit: Bug JinK on IRC to tl the last three eps! Yoroshiku!

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9 Responses

  1. tehaa says:

    Thanks for the release 🙂 I hope you complete this project soon.

  2. TugaFan says:

    Thanks for the release!!!!!
    Keep up!!

  3. Lvhina says:

    Love you, kept following for this project 🙂

  4. tripperdan99 says:

    I still have my original sub’d release from the TV series, I was just wondering if there’s anything new or improved to re-download it again in the BD version?



    • Asairo says:

      Better video quality and some fixes in the animation screw-ups, just like any other anime.

    • MMC says:

      I believe a few uncensored scenes as well (read: Saeko episodes 8/9) and no annoying scrolling earthquake/news/next airtime/illegal upload messages

  5. Lisa says:

    You guys doing the OVA as well?

  6. ThumperZ1 says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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