Need your help wasurenai fans!

Need your help wasurenai fans!

Okay you guys… some stuff happened as to where our old FTP provider Grumbledook quit the group. He gave us 2 weeks to get our files off the FTP before deleting everything expect he deleted everything in 1 week instead of 2. >_< So we lost all our stuff. Even with this setback that hurt us pretty bad, we're thankful for the help he gave us for the year and few months. Good thing though, we were able to find and save about almost all our stuff again. Now the thing is, we need a new FTP server which is vital for us to continue to make releases and add to our bots on IRC. After I talked with Jawad, we now have a new FTP server coming and things should get back to normal. Now here’s the thing….I never wanted to do this as I vowed never to do it, but now I have no choice. We will need to take donations in order to support the server costs which will be $90 every month. It’s actually pretty reasonable for what will be getting. So if anyone out there can help us out, please donate to at and we’ll post the status of where we are on the site. We’ll have to add a donate box on the site. So for now, I’ll post the status here… if 90 people donate a dollar, we’ll be set every month. ^^ all help is appericate. All money only goes to server and what is left over goes to next month.

$107 of 90 for server cost every month. Goal met for this month! Thanks everyone! Hope we can continue this trend every month. I’ll help out as well. ^^


Thanks for the help everyone!

*jacked sunny’s explaining as too lazy to do my own :P*

Go to PayPal site. Click on Send Payment/Money.
In the ‘To’ space, enter the email address you want to send money to.
# From, pretty much selfexplanatory.
# Enter the amount.
Label as goods, gift, Services, or Other in personal tab. Rest is easy to figure out. ^^

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15 Responses

  1. Ekke says:

    I can set up a FTP for free, you should’ve asked me. Sure, it won’t be the best routing, but hey it’ll work!
    It can be like 100gb space for work space within the internal group, and fast distro.

    You have options besides a high cost ftp!!

    Oh, and Webb… Clear your memos. Your memo box on IRC is full. 😀

  2. anon says:

    are you guys going to put up one of those paypal links on the site?

  3. Pentium100 says:

    How much space and bandwidth do you need? Maybe I can help.

  4. Kenshi says:

    lol you guys should have talked to me about it. i can make u guys a vps on my other server for very small fee.

  5. BokuWaOtakuJaNai says:

    Just sent you $30 on paypal, Webb. It’s not much, but it’s what I made from Hotfile the last couple months, so it’s not like it really cost me anything to help out a dedicated fansubber. Hope it helps!

  6. Korokun says:

    I feel you guys. Just reading that tl;dr that people do that, well let’s say I’ve been down that road too plenty of times. I’ll help out and put some cash in next month. If I forget just pm me on mirc. And I’ll try to help out in future months to come. Ya’ll maybe stalling bastards but I still love you and hope for the safe and quick recovery of WSRN.

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      Thanks Korokun. It sucked pretty bad as it stalled us even more than before. Also with my group KiteSeekers as well >_<. I wish you and m.3.3.w. nothing but the best in the future as well regardless of whatever projects we work on lol. If you need any help in the future, let me know. ^^

  7. I’d be more than happy to donate, but sadly I am brokes and I can’t use the $35 I have in my PayPal until I can connect it to a credit card or a bank account.

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