*~_^* Mermaid Melody Pure 4!

*~_^* Mermaid Melody Pure 4!

Whoo! That’s right, we’re pushing another episode of Mermaid Melody Pure out the door! And just barely in time, too, since Doll is going on a week-long vacation. So, without further introduction, Mermaid Melody Pure 4, brought to you by the superheroes at Licca Fansubs and Wasurenai Fansubs.

It’s been an exciting few weeks here… not only with the sudden closure of the FTP we’ve been using (which, for the record, didn’t really affect our efforts on Mermaid Melody Pure ~that~ much, since we’re working from DVD sources anyways), but also some birthday celebrations. 😉 Yeah, this is a bit late as far as birthday celebrations go, but here’s some mermaid love, Webby. 😉 <BIGhugz>

And, of course, some more mermaidy piccies to keep you happy. 🙂


[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 04 [DVD H264 640×480] [B55E1FE7].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 04 [DVD XviD 640×480] [E914408E].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

PS: Despite the April Fools gag, I still am on the hunt for getting more Mermaid Melody music albums. A recent order to CDJapan failed miserably, as all three of the CDs I was vying for were unavailable. *x_x* Kinda a bummer, but it’s only a setback. 🙂

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11 Responses

  1. StubbsiBoy says:

    What? Still no Hen Zemi 5?

  2. David says:

    Nice work.

  3. Ashley says:

    Thanks for this 🙂

  4. StubbsiBoy says:

    If your not gonna continue with Hen Zemi then could you at least tell us? Need to know whether to swap fansub groups and I don’t wanna download previous episodes again for nothing.

    • Webbmaster62 says:

      We’re not dropping anything. just tlers are all busy with exams. After he’s back, he’s gonna do a haul on hen zemi and other projects. Just hold out till then.

  5. doll_licca says:

    Lexica, it was no vacation, that’s for sure.

  6. D.J. says:

    I am surprised how many people DO NOT READ before they either type or speak. Ignorance only makes you look bad.

  7. Bobby says:

    I know you’d like to actually own the Mermaid Melody Albums in physical CD form, but per your note, there was a rather nice torrent of all the albums on BakaBT. If not all the albums, then a damn good attempt. It’s about 900MB or so.

    • Lexica-chan says:

      I think something got a lil lost in translation. I’m already well aware of that torrent (I even commented on it on BakaBT, when it was first posted). What I’m more interested in, though, is the next step past that… a lossless release of all of those albums, based on either an EAC rip, or from the CDs directly.

      Having the physical CDs might be the only way to get some of those lossless releases to happen, since a lot of these are very difficult to dredge off of Winny or Share. :p

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