Update time yet again!

Update time yet again!

Look, a mermaid for everyone! So after doing Les, we all been actually pretty busy with real life. We are still working on things though. Here comes what you want to know….

Anyamal: 35 at qc, 36-39 at edit, 40 at time and the rest are at TL. MMC is back but he’s been having a little trouble as his comp was crapping out on him. He’s fixing it up though. Also, jump namaiki to edit lol. It’s hard getting him motivated. Give him candy or something. ^^

Yume: 46-50 are at tlc. Pro is 1 qc2, 2 at edit, 3-12 tl. I’m trying my hardest to get SD to jump on yume so we knock it out so you guys give him a cheer every once in a while.

Mari: 26-32 at tlc. Rest at tl. We’re still doing 1-9 as well. 1 is actually done, but we want to release those as a group later. Teme is on and off but he still is timing and tling mari. We got some help on mari, but just waiting for the person to start tlcing. If not, we’ll think of something. Moshi come back! lol

11eyes BDs: 8-10 are at edit. 11-13 are at tl. Jink is still here and we’re still knocking them out.

Isekai: 11 is like 2/3 I think of tlcing. 12-13 are at tl. But we got another TLer to help us out on the series. So finally, you should hear some updates from us soon on the series.

Onii: 5-11 are at tl. We lost our capper btw for this show so we can’t get the shows from MX anymore.(Last ts raw for MX is probably 5.) We were the only ones doing it from that station but *shurgs*. Just things came up. Also the Japan earthquake didn’t help either. We still are working on the show though. As soon as MMC gets things going again, I’ll update like always in progress page. As for the BDs, we got the first volume now so look for episode 1 coming out as well.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure: 2-4 at Styling, 5 at edit, 6-7 time, 8 at tl. So we’re moving along strong on pure folks. We still need help on redoing 1-17 for the first season with the DVDs so contact us if you can help.

Umi DVDs 4-12 at retime. Everything is coming along good. Also, almost all the specials are done. We are working to these out.

Milky Holmes BDs We just got Vol 2 and we done the encodes already. Only episodes 2 and 3 are in this one so nothing special. Have those out when we can as well.

Hen Zemi OVA 2 (or OAD or whatever you want to call it) comes out this week I believe. So we’ll be on that one as soon as we get a decent raw or hopefully a DVDISO for it. As for the spring season, the only thing we talked about is the Hen Zemi TV series. It’s only a 15 min long episode series and I think about 13 episodes. So if we do anything, it’ll probably be that one. We’ll let you know our decision. If we decide to do anything else, you’ll know that as well from me or Asairo. Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll keep everyone informed like always. Until next update. ^^

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10 Responses

  1. Marina says:

    Thanks for the update 🙂 GO-GO on getting Yume and Pro finished!

  2. BFP says:

    What’s the status of all the torrents that were on Anirena? Is that tracker ever going to come back online? I’ve been meaning to check out Isekai, but without a torrent I’m currently unable to.

  3. Tenchi says:

    Thanks guys.
    I thought Isekai was dropped already.

  4. lobster says:

    Thanks very much for subbing Hen Zemi.

  5. -Angy- says:

    http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=201736 Raw for Hen Zemi Ep2 if you are always looking for this one

  6. Thanks for the update on Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo.

    *gives namaiki a big bag of candy*

  7. kamineko says:

    I pestered namaiki already via IRC, but I’d like to do it here too – for the sake of Anyamal… *adds second bag of candy for namaiki*

  8. youkais says:

    So many thanks for doing Marie & Gali 😀

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