Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 51, 7 and 52 END released!

Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 51, 7 and 52 END released!

After so many years, a bunch of groups and stalling up the ass, we finally finish this WMT series. Took a long time, but we got it done everyone. The last episode shows the power of people and standing together for one another. Perfect example of what we should be doing for Japan right now and also for everyone that is in need. Don’t need a reason, just do it. The novel does change some stuff, as I said before, Gavroche, Javert, and Thenardier’s wife pretty much all died in the novel(she dies in prison btw). Also, in the novel, Thenardier became a slave trader with Azelma, his other daughter. So yes, they changed quite a bit, but understandable. I actually prefer this version over the novel alittle bit better. Only Javert being alive irks me a bit. He played his role though in this show pretty good towards the end so I’ll give him a break for now. But anyways, we shall give thanks….

To all other groups that started the show but weren’t able to complete it. Alteast it was started. Ureshii-Yoroshiku, Formula, Delicious and Aoi. (even though we still had staff from Aoi helping us.) Thanks Grumble, SeaSparrow and Shinkun for all the work you did when you worked on the show.

To our own Asairo who was on a TLing spree for the show. Man put it down son.

To doll-licca for helping us finish the series off and finally completing a great classic of a series.

To Aimbotter for timing his ass off. Well done sir.

To BF3000 for his encoding powers for the episodes he did. Man is a beast.

To our fans of the show and the ones that helped us on the raw issues.

Also, to everyone that I missed.

The batch will consists of Aoi, WSRN-Aoi and WSRN-Licca. Be out tomorrow. Well, let’s get these last episodes out first so we can go work on more backlog. ^^ As always, this series was brought to you by by us and Licca-fansubs. Enjoy. I know we did.

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Fileserve | Torrent

Fileserve | Torrent

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23 Responses

  1. Eicca says:

    THANK YOU!!! <3

  2. Lia says:

    now just gotta wait for the fileserve links. (=

  3. GuyStarwind says:

    This was a great Anime… besides the Javert ending. Besides that it was very good.

  4. Grumbledook says:

    Yosha!! 😀 Once I download all these eps, I’ll start a Les Miserables marathon. ;P
    Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  5. T1 says:

    Congratulations is in order, I take it.
    I love it when a group finishes an anime or a manga it makes me happy that they followed it to the end 😀
    Keep up the great work^^

    PS: Now you can focus on Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari~

  6. Darktidus says:

    Thank you very much friends, thanks to you I can see the end of the series, and make the adjustment with Spanish subtitles (for this side of the world xD), many thank you very much. : D

    • Darktidus says:

      By the way, I would have liked to see the final Fauchelevent soul also. The man had helped him with Cosette and Valjean.
      Anyway, after I comment on a new project to have if you’re interested, is also based on a novel. Regards and again thanks

  7. shippothekit says:

    Congrats on finishing the series! And just on time for me too! I’ll be seeing the US tour of the LesMis musical in Detroit on April 2nd.

    After reading the novel last year, I have to say that the WMT anime adaption is probably one of the best since they had a lot of time to include many of the small details of the novel.

    Can’t wait to know what new project you’re doing next! I’m a big classic novel fan so I’m hoping for another novel originated anime.

    Thanks for your hard work everyone!

  8. Vladimir says:

    Thank you guys soooooooo much! Are there going to be fileserves for all the episodes?

  9. MA says:

    You are my stars x

  10. 9430 says:

    Thanks for all the effort and hard work that went into finishing the series. 2 years ago I didn’t think this would ever be fully subbed, and now it is!

  11. SeaSparrow says:

    My hat is off to you! The subbing of this series has been an epic journey, and the people who saw it through at to be congratulated. I remember thinking back in early 2008 that chances were slim that anyone would be dedicated enough, and have the language skills, to complete the project, but I do enjoy being wrong about that. The quality has been excellent too. Thanks a million, and good luck in future projects!

  12. Renato says:

    Thanks so much for completing this great series!! You’re guys are awesome!

  13. JBSpring says:

    Thank you so much! Your work is GREATLY appreciated! 🙂

  14. Hannah says:

    wow, i love you guys!! God bless you all. 😀

  15. Atheshar says:

    Thanks for seeing this through to the finish! I had my doubts way back in the day it would ever be done, and it is with pure joy that I can close out these chapters at last.

  16. Rayliegh says:

    Thank you people.

  17. seraphire says:

    Thank you very much for subbing this wonderful series, Wasurenai! =]

  18. Rachel says:

    Do you have a separate archive with subtitles only (ASS, SRT, etc.) for Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette? I have been looking for them everywhere online but found nothing! Please tell me where I can download them!

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