Yumeiro Pâtissière 40-43 released (woot!) and updates!

Yumeiro Pâtissière 40-43 released (woot!) and updates!

I KNEW IT! I knew that Kashino was a fruity bastard! Run Ichigo! RUN!! So, after another long wait, here’s more yume you guys. Yeah, I’m not Ekke, but he’s been kinda busy with gaming and work. So basically, he had to pass the ranks down to us “commoners” yet again to finish this show out. Like I said, we’re knocking out backlog finally. So, we’re hauling ass on everything. Also, cause spring season looks pretty huge as hell. Also, Yumeiro Pro is being worked on. Believe us, 12 episodes is easier than 50. We don’t mind long shows, just they take awhile to finish. Also, while I’m at it here’s an update on everything..

11eyes: Rocking it!
Isekai: Rocking it finally again so yes be happy.
Mari: Kinda stalled a bit cause of Moshi being MIA. But TLer is still TLing them.
Onii: Still rocking, but as you guys know MMC, left for his vacation finally and won’t be back until mid march. Good thing is if he can get to a comp, he’ll still keep up with TLs. He’s also working on Anyamal while he’s gone. (so don’t worry Toddler_Naruto :P)
Anyamal: As said above, but rocking too.
MMPPPP: This is about ready you guys, look for ep. 1 soon. We’re still recruiting for help on the DVDs for the first season that need switching so contact Lexica on IRC yall.
Umi DVDs: Still rocking!
Les: We’re gonna be done with this show very soon. So kicking mad ass on this one.
Milky BDs: Rocking it!

The Hen Zemi OVA and TV series come out in March. We got the OVA(with HiNA again), as for the TV show, we still gotta talk about it. Remember, all status on all projects are on the project’s page. Updates are told also in chatbox. So if you can’t see those, your blind as a bat!

Anyways, look forward to us finishing a bunch of shows out this year hopefully. Also, for the torrent issue, we been waiting on anirena to start back up again as we work on our own tracker, but we might just reseed all our stuff on nyaa for now until we get things going again. Remember, we can reseed, but we’ll have changes in the final batches for some series as to fix typos, timing errors and such. (a.k.a. Yumeiro, Anyamal, Isekai,) Alright, enough of my babble! Go grab your Sweets goodness!

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 40 [H264 848×480] [D97FE78E].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent
[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 40 [XviD 704×396] [CCC9C8B1].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 41 [H264 848×480] [48FDCC82].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent
[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 41 [XviD 704×396] [E4CB9B54].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 42 [H264 848×480] [5E1E55F3].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent
[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 42 [XviD 704×396] [AE07ECA0].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 43 [H264 848×480] [4376EB5C].mkv
Fileserve | Torrent
[Wasurenai] Yumeiro Patissiere – 43 [XviD 704×396] [20C5B696].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

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  1. CP says:

    Thanks heaps. Been faithfully waiting for you 😀

  2. Anifu says:

    Thanks guys! So much appreciating! 😀

  3. Shana says:

    Thank you guys so much! Love this show (guilty pleasure) and have been waiting for your excellent subs! 🙂

  4. rob says:

    thanks for update

  5. Marina says:

    Wooo, this just made my day! Always glad to see more YP 🙂 Thanks for the small batch.

  6. Ashee says:

    thanks =DDDDDDD mwahahah Kashino is sooo cute with that outfit hahahaha

  7. ANIKI says:

    Thanx for this, I was waiting for my dose of laugh and pastries, look forward for your next release of this series, Keep It Up and hope the TL has a good vacation (^_^)

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    Thanks for the progress update on Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo :).

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