Le GASP! Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch PURE 1!

Le GASP! Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch PURE 1!

😉 Sorry folks, had to write out the full name at least once.

ANYways! That’s right, your friendly neighborhood mermaid, back on the scene, to present our continuing efforts on Mermaid Melody! I’ve got a lot to say in this post, so hang on~! *^_^*

First off! As I said in our release of ep 52, we’ve had a few staff members to thank for making Mermaid Melody finally happen. But having said that, too, we’ll be changing up a little bit with the start of this new series. Ekke will no longer be my cohort in QC. However! Choco-chan and I are still going to be double-teaming the editing! And what’s more, we’re more than pleased to bring Doll_Licca of Licca Fansubs on board! <Applauds> And a shoutout to tsuna-kun for a correct supposition on this. Tee-hee. 😉

I’m sure you noticed, but this was intended to be a biiiiiiig surprise and secret. I’m actually surprised none of the Licca fans called out on my notoriously slower-than-slow editing. 😉

<doll_licca> Remind me not to make promises that a project will be released.
<doll_licca> I just shot myself in the foot on this one.
<doll_licca> http://liccafansubs.blogspot.com/2011/01/update-on-unannounced-secret-project.html
<doll_licca> (trying to placate people who are complaining about the nonrelease of the "secret project")
<Lexica-chan> ;) tell them to go stuff themselves with chicken fat.

Clearly I’m a bit more… eccentric… than Doll. 😉 But at least the ball is rolling! Onwards and upwards! Let’s make this be the start of a long friendship! Mermaids x Licca x Wasurenai! *^_^*

Webbmaster62 ‘s Note on the Encoding: Also, before anyone comes on here asking why the episodes are all hardsubbed, I’m explaining it now. Yes, we are a softsub group besides certain projects, (a.k.a. Les as that was Aoi’s in the first place.) Yes, that is our policy and always will be. The reason why the H264 and Xvid are hardsubbed is because Doll-Licca is the TLer and the Encoder for this series as for the joint. It’s just that’s how he does his series. I know some are you gonna be upset about this and wonder why hardsub a H264? I was one of them and another in the staff as well, but the point is just to get this series done and subbed for everyone. That’s our whole goal. Will we be doing this in the future again? Probably not. It probably depends. As for people or other groups that were using our scripts for different languages, the decision is up to Doll-Licca and Lexica-chan on this one as they both play huge roles in the scripts. (Asairo won’t care what is decided as we do softsubs in our group anyways. XD) I will have no part or say on this series as I will only help out if needed.

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 01v2 [DVD H264 640×480] [A829314C].mkv
| Torrent

[WSRN-Licca] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure – 01v2 [DVD XviD 640×480] [2AFCA1C3].avi
Fileserve | Torrent

Doll’s Note for V2s: The main differences between V1 and V2 is to fix some clobbered styles and the audio in the h.264 version has been reencoded to AAC.

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17 Responses

  1. beck says:

    yayyy!! thanks 😀

  2. D.J. says:

    Other note, I shall return to IRC soon. Life has been less than cooperative with me lately >_<**

  3. Araska says:

    Hmm… is there something wrong with my system, or is the mkv encode faulty? I get stutterings in the video, regardless of whether using MPC’s bulit-in DXVA decorer or FFDShow.
    One such place is in the opening, at 00:53 / 00:54, where the flyby of tho of the mermaids is halted for a split second.

  4. Asairo says:

    I don’t experience the stutterings on my computer. What is your version of ffdshow? Are you using windows 7?

    • Araska says:

      Windows 7 it is, along with CCCP of 10-10-10 (which brings its own version of FFDShow, dunno which one at the moment).

      Interesting thing is, (as I found out through experimenting), these stutterings only occur when I select EVR (custom settings) as output; regardless of whether I decode by FFDShow, MPC built-in (DXVA and normal), or CoreAVC.

      If I use anything else (DX9 renderless, DX7, Haali…), all runs well (again, regardless of which decoder I choose). Hmm… what does my system dislike about sending 640×480 videos to EVR?

  5. tsuna-kun says:

    Can’t believe my assumption was true ! 😀
    Tee-hee, btw thanks for the release 🙂

  6. Shilar says:

    Actually I prefer hardsubbing. Makes it easier to encode to a format for another system without the ghostly weirdness with softsubs. Keep up the fine work.

  7. Zalis says:

    There isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with hardsubs imo, as long as they’re easy to read. Please consider bolding the subs and/or adjusting the margin values to keep the subs out of the overscan areas. Like 20-24 vertical and 40-48 horizontal. This may require retiming on longer lines to avoid 3-liners, but if you’ve got a subtitle that’s long enough to be onscreen for 6-7 seconds, it’s probably giving away too much information too soon anyway.

    If any of this has been changed in v2, please disregard. No need for v3 or anything, just a suggestion for future episodes.

  8. Palledar says:

    Good lord, I was just doing my yearly check for subs of this, good timing, its about time someone decided to pick it up (If I recall, last lot got to Episode 7 back in 2007 and gave up). Maybe now I’ll be able to figure out just what the hells going on in the series.

  9. Epyon says:

    Yaaay, MMPPPPure. <3 I like hardsubs more, but no matter if hard or soft, as long as this series gets subbed. Thanks a lot for your efforts. <3

  10. sonozaki says:

    Hello all i just want to say the ppl who sub this anime mmppp 1st he was problem whit computer and later he lost inspiration to sub…
    Well i hope here ppl sub some day i know how to w8 and i think only here i can see promising one day will sub ^^
    I hope you ppl will not halted, if you stop to sub i just wish to post and say cheers ^^

  11. buday says:

    I cant find softsub?

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