Tantei Opera Milky Holmes BATCH out!!

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes BATCH out!!

And we’re done with the TV rips! Sorry it took as long as it did guys, busy busy busy as usual. Changes and a few notes:

  • Only episode 12 contains the updated karaoke (both mkv and avi) due to time constraints on the encoding side. (Yes, any encoding help would be much appreciated!)
  • All scripts have been revamped; however should any last mistakes be caught, please post them here and we’ll make sure the blu-ray releases will be perfect.
  • Episode 2 mkv has been re-encoded with an earthquake-free .ts, and so has 12 (first encode had karaoke errors).
  • Xvid batch has completely new encodes.
  • Buy the BD’s so we can get a second season! Long live Twenty!!

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [1280×72​0 H264 OGG] 01-12 [Batch]
DDL | Torrent

[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes [704×400 XviD MP3] 01-12 [Batch]
DDL | Torrent

And that’s a wrap. We’ll be back on the blu-rays to see fixes for mistakes like this and this and this.

P.S. Slow seed start. Please help us by getting files on channel off bot! Thank you. Back to normal, thanks to those who helped.

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9 Responses

  1. qaz says:

    when will the blu ray be coming out?

    • MMC says:

      First disc will be on sale in Japan on January 19th. Sixth and final volume will be on June 24th. So roughly a monthly schedule for each disc.

  2. Thank You Guys!! Wish I could help w/ encodes, but I don’t have much experience in encoding lol… But I support you guys! =)

  3. Sandy Wich;s Boy says:


    Thanks for the batch, but can we have patches for the episodes that have not been re-encoded? (or at least the new script files so we can re-mux them ourselves).

    I would prefer not having to download everything all over again just for a few spelling errors.

    • Asairo says:

      You can try this:
      1. Rename the old releases in accordance to the new filenames in the batch.
      2. Download the torrent and link it to the old releases.
      3. Force-recheck the torrent files.
      4. The torrent downloader will then show the percentage of the torrent that you have at the moment.
      5. Start the torrent to download the missing pieces of the torrent.
      6. And when the torrent finishes, walah, you get the batch fully fixed with mininal downloading.

      Note: I will not be responsible for any mishaps that you encounter while trying out this method.

  4. Kawaiimo says:

    Not to mention the dvds come with petit nendoroids :D. thanks for the batch!!!

  5. Sandy Wich's Boy says:

    @Asairo: I gave the torrent method a try, it doesn’t work. The only files it picked up were ep 2 and 12 (for which I had already downloaded the re-encodes).
    Seriously, all I need is the script files, I can remux it into the episodes myself (I’ve done that sort of thing before, so I know what I’m doing).
    Just throw them into a zip/rar file and put it on megaupload/mediafire/fileserve/wherever and give me the link, that’s all I need.

  6. Onurbis says:

    Thanks for another splendid work from you folks. I hope the new show you folks pick up will be a good one.
    FYI episode 7 of the xvid version isn’t on DDL, just a heads up. Anyway, keep up the good work, it’s really appreciated 😉

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