Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 35 released!

Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette 35 released!

Plague is starting to run rampant but hey, Gavroche still has to help as many as he can. Here’s more Les. As always brought to you by by us and Licca-fansubs.

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11 Responses

  1. BokuWaOtakuJaNai says:

    As a fan of both Broadway musicals and anime I must say that this is the perfect combination. Please keep up the the good work.

    BTW, the word you want to use in the blog post is “rampant”, not ramped.

    Thanks for the great subs,

  2. 3e says:

    Do you even check those files last 3 had 48 min length while only 24 was actually anime haven’t check all of them since im kinda behind but did notice this

  3. 3e says:

    codecs and hd are fine ffd show, mpc doesn’t play it well it vlc garbage does play but second part is just a repeat
    shits happen from eps 32 up

    • MMC says:

      in the newer versions of mpc-hc, they add in an option to search the folder for all playable video files in the same folder and try and link them together by the [|<>|] buttons, even if the episode has no chapters in it (which is applicable to these .mp4 files). Careful that this option is not checked, and if that doesn’t work, that “Try to open linked files” in Haali Media Splitter is turned off (so series muxed with Ordered Chapters isn’t viable for you). Check other things as well: CRC of the files you’ve muxed (I recommend Anime Checker), remux the actual files into mkv yourself to see if it’s just the mp4 container giving you problems (shouldn’t be as we should’ve already addressed such problems with earlier complaints); install Quicktime player itself (and try playing with it), as it may be some codec you’re actually missing instead of just a broken codec; ChkDisk to search for sector errors on the hard drive these files are in (which would indicate some failure if it finds something wrong); install HDDHealth to check drive health and running system temperature; check your CPU usage upon video playback (NOT upon video-startup, at which high cpu spike is normal)(if it’s way above what would be normal for you for HD videos, then there’s something wrong); check RAM sticks to make sure none of them are corrupted (testable by finding a crc of something, giving that file to someone else, and they get a different crc); update video card firmware to see if this addresses the issue; tried playing in all possible configurations (mpc-hc internal filters, ffdshow, coreavc, dxva/no dxva, cuda/no cuda (if applicable); check hard drive activity (if it’s totally thrashing and blinking like crazy just upon video playback, then it’s a disk problem; make sure it’s not just your antivirus software doing a sweep though); tried playing the file on another computer (if applicable; different operating system recommended)(have a mac/linux? try it on mplayer osx extended); full uninstall and reinstall of the codec pack you have (if you’ve cccp on you now, try klite if that doesn’t work); clean your registry with a good software (backup first!!); defragment your hard disk/registry, as a fragmented drive would mean video files that are spread all the way across the disk; uninstall older programs you don’t need/use; make sure you have at least 10% space remaining on the hard drive (HDDs do not like being fuller than that! it takes longer to seek for stuff and it shortens drive life); disabled picture and video files preview in both windows explorer (under tools > folder options > view) and haali media splitter (where it’s labeled as ‘enable thumbnails extraction’)(as some people have had video problems with video previewing on before); try downloading the file differently (from torrent, from direct download, and from irc) to check if any of your downloading software has been getting bugs lately (and update them too).
      I’ve downloaded the file myself and played it just fine, normal 24-minute duration, perfect a/v sync even with seeking with klite+coreavc setup. If the above solutions give nothing, i’d suggest just backup and deep format, but of course that’s definitely a last resort just to play some videos. Some people may also be posting our videos on various streaming sites, so try those if nothing still works. I’m no video expert, so I can’t help you if it’s a much trickier problem than we think, but here’s at least some suggestions.

    • namaiki says:

      Install “Haali Media Splitter” and make sure that your standalone MPC-HC is not set to use it’s own internal MP4 splitter. (View-> Options-> Internal Filters-> Untick “MP4/MOV” in the left column.)

  4. Z says:

    I still believe that your harddrive is failing, because 1) you said the episodes are 48 minutes in length (could be a codec problem, but you said the codecs are fine), 2) you said “only 24 was actually anime” which means that other episodes are not anime (live action? blank screen?), and 3) “second part is just a repeat” which of course should not be the case (sounds like your player is starting the file from the beginning).

  5. 3e says:

    Must be what namaiki said seems to work now thx
    never had any problems with any anime playback at all so it looked weird to me

  6. Fausto Karow says:

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