Happy New Year from Wasurenai!

Happy New Year from Wasurenai!

We wish all you guys a happy new year for the 2011 era. Feel free to spam the comment section with your resolutions and happy new year cheer! We’ll do our best to bring you more quality releases this year.

Our resolution?

What’s yours?

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  1. ukato says:

    My resolution is to watch heaps and heaps of anime this year. Let’s hope 2011 is another wonderful year of anime and fansubbing! 🙂

  2. D.J. says:

    To start getting into better shape despite my work schedule. It is but the first step towards the opportunity to cosplay as my male OC from my mature Mermaid Melody rewrite at a convention in these coming years.

    God, getting the props themselves right is going to be a lot of work — for one thing, I have to find a foundry that will cast the pendant in metal, but not before scaling it up in size… and then the inside has to be properly cut. Then there is the point of getting a re-cast of the Krull Glaive (that five-pointed star) to get rid of some of the flair on the arms and the center… followed by a scaling-up and casting of a 10-arm star.

    THAT makes getting sewn together the LONG striped scarf perhaps the easiest thing of all! X_X

  3. soul says:

    I have no resolutions, I just live. But happy new yeargh guys.

  4. D.J. says:

    Ack, dang. I messed up there.

    I broke the trend to say that I had… made a vow NOT to have a resolution. So, by doing that, I counteracted it to make sure I DID have a resolution by saying that I didn’t have one for not GOING TO have one. You see what I’m saying? And now, I, well, go down a semantical maze of logic to where I can’t tell anything, time speeds up, and then, I’m back to normal. So either way, it didn’t matter; just like, you know… If you HAVE one, you win, if you DON’T have one, you win. You kinda get my drift? It’s like a split-prong attack there, so it’s a, like a non-sequitur, it’s like, well, you can’t lose.

    xD And you guys thought you knew me.

  5. Rayliegh says:

    Happy New Year people

  6. Areth91 says:

    Happy 2011, full of anime to watch!! =) Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for that!!

  7. Baby Naruto says:

    My New Year’s Anime Resolution is to be able to finish Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo subbed before Easter Break or Summer Vacation ;).

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