So what’s next…

So what's next...

While waiting on the batch of Milky Holmes, me and Asairo talked. Besides, Hen Zemi OVA 2 with HiNA subs coming in March and the tv series being green-lit(we’ll have to see about the tv show lol *hangs himself*) we really don’t know what we’ll do for this winter season. We have a lot of stuff to catch up on in our other projects, so we’ll probably focus on those. Especially on Isekai. We do want to see all the shows get done by some group though this season. We had thoughts of some, but we know a lot of good groups will pick them up(hoping a bunch don’t drop them). Also of course your simulcasting blah blah blah… What we’ll probably do is wait it out and see what doesn’t get done this season. Also, if the simulcast subs fail for whatever show is done, we can look into doing it if it’s not being done by someone else. Since you know, we like covering the screen in karaoke, typesetting, colorful fonts and good encoding when we can. Anyways, more news and releases on the way into the new year.

Asairo Edit: All right all right. We’re taking polls for the show that we would do for the next season. * no promise, though.
Criteria: Must not be oversubbed. Must not be simulcasted or whatsoever.

WM62 Edit: We don’t care if it’s simulcasted really,(look at what we just did and still are doing lol) it’s just everyone and they mama will be redoing the subs themselves and whatever else. That is why I said only if the subs fail and another good group is not doing it.

WM62 EDIT3: So CR got…
Rio – Rainbow Gate!
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Dragon Crisis!
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Mitsudomoe season 2
Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
Hourou Musuko – Wandering Son
Level E

Still have no idea what ANN, viz or funi or getting this season. Practically almost all the shows this season might get simulcasted. Which is pretty happy for some and freaking gay for some others… Like we said, we’ll do whatever show we want regardless as other groups will do the same.
what’s left?
Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love(craft-sensei)
Starry☆Sky(being done already by SMS)
Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika
IS: Infinite Stratos 8bit
Yumekui Merry
Wolverine (Simulcast by G4)
Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
Suite Precure
Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi P.A. Works
Hokago no Pleiades

Still 13 left but some being done by other groups so *shurgs*

Is a way to see who’s doing what this season. If we can, we’ll make a poll or something.

We’ll see how things go. Cause it seems some people want us to do either Dragon Crisis, Level E or Gosick.

If Static-subs picks up Gosick though as they have it planned, we’ll let them do it. Cause they do a great job.

Someone get me a poll here already!

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  1. soul says:

    I didn’t know this group before MIlky holmes, but I think I’ve come to love you guys :3
    Aaanyways, noone said anything about it yet, so if noone does it, it would be awesome that you did Dragon crisis. I somehow have the feeling I’ll like that show, but no group seems to be willing to sub it (although it’s still kinda early to say)

  2. Shinigami says:

    go Isekai, go!

  3. T1 says:

    YaY, glad you haven’t dropped Isekai, go Wasu-staff go!

  4. Baby Naruto says:

    Will you guys be releasing more Anyamal episodes soon? 🙂

    I was kinda hoping I could finish the show before February ;).

    • MMC says:

      I’m hoping to have the rest of the episodes translated by then myself, actually, since I’ll be gone mid February to mid March for a trip. As for how fast they actually get released... I’ll see what I can do about my lagging colleagues here :P Though it may just be the holiday season slowing us all down, so hopefully the pace will pick up again after our activities are over and done with.

    • B.F. says:

      I really hope that too, but with current speed I don’t think we will finish it that fast.

  5. guestguest says:

    I’m interested in Yumekui Merry… thou I’d rather see older projects wrapped up before new ones are taken on.

  6. derf says:


    just my 2 cents

  7. D_P says:

    Lol. Crunchy is doing 10 shows this winter.

  8. playerttt says:

    Go to work Isekai or “IS: Infinite Stratos” coming next, if you can please subs “Master of Epic The Animation Age”, this anime series funny and a RPG game, character very cute.

  9. Shina says:

    Do the un subs episodes of Keroro Gunsou!

  10. anifani says:

    Luv your work! My thoughts on next Season… How ’bout Dragon Crisis or Level E… They may not be overly subbed and look interesting. :p

  11. I just shouted on the box lol… but please consider GOSICK of no one else is subbing it. Dragon Crisis is interesting as well!

  12. xzit says:

    Dragon Crisis – will get oversubbed, I heard 4 groups, however only Ruri confirmed.
    Level E – Rips+1 group. And it will be hard to translate, but it will be awesome!

  13. Areth91 says:

    Uhmm from these I’m looking forward to Suite Precure but there is a rumor it will be done by other groups.

  14. Someone says:

    Do Hourou Musuko and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika?

  15. aria says:

    You guys interested in doing Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi after all?

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